Ms Rachel’s Two Favorite Strokes

Ms Rachel's stroking tipsI’ve controlled a lot of cocks in My time so far as a Masturbatrix, and in that time I have come to favor many different techniques for driving a chronic masturbator to distraction.  I don’t claim that I’ve invented these moves–they were likely invented some time in the ancient past by the first stroke slut who ever took touching himself seriously–but they’re some of the strokes that I love to use when playing tease and denial games and during guided masturbation sessions.  I thought I’d share them with you, so that when you put that wayward cock in My hands, you will be able to execute my instructions to the letter, having literally had a bit of practice under your belt!

The first I like to start with is called the ooze.  I know some boys like the friction that comes with a lubeless stroke (lube or no lube is a matter of taste), but My favorite strokes work best with a slick cock.  The ooze is  a perfect example.  Once that cock is nicely lubricated, wrap your hand around it at the base, and slowly pull your hand up the shaft while pressing your ass into the bed, or against the back of the chair.  On the downstroke, thrust your hips up into your hand a bit, letting the pressure of the thrust do more work than the hand.  The name of this stroke comes from the fact that your cock should be oozing through your hand, up and down, nice and slow.

The other I’ll share is called the pulse.  This is when your hand comes up and over the head on the upstroke, and rather than sliding it right back down, I like to have a strokeboy pause there, and give that swollen knob some short, fast, light strokes before letting that hand slide down.  Those who are following My masturbation techniques may find that I’ll have them pulse the head for five seconds, or five minutes, depending on how much of a mean Mistress I’m in the mood to be at that particular time.

These two strokes go very well together.  Listen in to My short recording below of some stroking instructions using these.  I hope it makes that stroke toy down between your legs throb!  But if you want to cum, you’ll have to call your favorite Mistress and ask Her permission!

Listen to Ms Rachel

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