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Masturbation Game from Mistress Christine

Get Naked And Let The Masturbation Begin

This game is all about masturbation – stroking – after all, which is perfect for Masturbation May, don’t you think?  All you need is your hard cock, your hand, a stop watch with a second hand, and a pair of dice.  Lube is optional, but my suggestion would be that you use some.  Get naked for me, find a comfortable place to kneel and watch 2 minutes of hot, sexy porn on your computer, while not stoking!  I just want that cock to get nice and hard and for you to get horny before we actually start.  You’ll thank me for this kindness later.

Get naked for Ms Christine.

Happy Masturbation May!

One Stroke At A Time Masturbation Pet

The rules for this guided masturbation game are very simple.  Now that watching some sissy suck cock – oh, I know you were watching tranny porn you kinky fucker! – has gotten you all hard, hot and horny, stroke once – from the base of your cock right over the tip.  Now hands off!  Wait ten seconds, then you can stroke twice.  Hands off, stroker, and 10 seconds later you can stroke three times.  Are you getting the rules.  Stroke – adding one more stroke every time you do – then rest ten seconds.  Even a stroke stupid goner like you should be able to follow those directions!

May I Cum Ms. Christine

If I just let you continue stroking like that, how long do you think it would take?  Would it be frustrating if you finished that last stroke right on the edge…had to let go and let that edge fade and start all over again?  Would it be even more humiliating if your last stroke finally put you over the edge – just to let go and abandon you orgasm…ruin your cum?  Well, it’s not going to be that easy, pets.  There has to be some element of surprise, some possibility you won’t be allowed to cum, that you’ll be denied.  So, go ahead, click on the audio below.  And after you’ve listened to me read the post, you’ll find out if Ms. Christine is going to allow you to shoot that load…

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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Last Time You Came, You Didn’t Eat Cum for Ms. Piper

Want a lick? 800-356-6201

You promised me if I’d let you cum, you’d eat your own cum. You promised you wouldn’t leave it on my sheets.

But then you made your little cum squirt, and then you immediately began making excuses. Ms Piper doesn’t like excuses.

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Masturbation Management and Orgasm Control

Why Try Orgasm Control

It is not uncommon that I hear a man say he desires to hand over control of his stroking to a dominant woman because he will treat masturbation like a sprint to the finish line if he is left to his own devices. That disclosure is typically followed by the . . . → Read More: Masturbation Management and Orgasm Control

Chronic Masturbation Help

There’s a lot of chronic masturbation going on out there. The wind blows, and guys get hard and whip their dicks out to start stroking. And what’s the point of all that stroking? To have an orgasm, of course. Well, it can be a huge problem for women when you masturbate too much, because . . . → Read More: Chronic Masturbation Help

Green Light Red Light

Not Quite the Game You Remember

This fun masturbation game does involve two of the colors on a traffic light. But, the whole game revolves around teasing you through an extended session of stroking. In this case, you may get release, and you may not.

It is Never a Guarantee

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