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Join the Chastity Summer today, and stop wanking off

Let’s make this the Chastity Summer!

That’s right: the answer to your perennial question “May I cum?” is going to be a resounding nope for the rest of the summer. I want you to embrace the power that your own personal chastity summer can bring to you. You’ll be able to look back on this summer and know that you can do anything you put your mind to! In this day and age, what challenges are left for the average male, after all? You have no glass ceiling to contend with, no fear of mansplaining, no barrier to your success. So how do you challenge yourself, how do you grow as a person, if you have no systemic barriers to overcome?

All the hot months of the summer long, I want you to put yourself to the challenge: chastity!

chastity summer 800 356 6169July, August and September are the hottest months of the year, and there will be all sorts of articles online about how to cool off. I’ve got a great one for you: nice cold showers. That’s right, the perfect boner killer is also the best way to keep cool this summer! It’s too hot to wank anyway, so you should just put it all on hold. While I won’t tell you to ‘rise’ to the challenge, I will dare you to keep your hands to yourself this summer, and play along with both my Chastity Challenge and the Summer of Chastity.

What’s the Chastity Challenge?

Oh, just this little thing I cooked up for my chastity slaves, no big deal. If you can keep your hands off your dick for three, ten, or thirty days, you win prizes! That’s right, you get stuff from me for not wanking. Check out my blog for all the details. If you can manage to not wank off, you get the health benefits, the enhanced mood, the eventual bliss of that first orgasm in October, plus free stuff courtesy of me. That said, if you fail, if you reveal yourself to be of weak moral character, incapable of something so simple and easy as just not masturbating yourself, you win the humiliation of knowing exactly how weak and pathetic you are, that you can’t refrain from embarrassing yourself and abusing your cock for just a month or two. Tsk, tsk.

Join the Chastity Summer today, and stop wanking off.

You’ll be happier, and you will thank me for it later.

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