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Orgasm Delay Whore

I can turn you into an orgasm delay whore, and it’d be so easy.

You need to be denied an orgasm or two, just to spice up your life. I know it probably feels a little extreme right now, but take my word for it: this is good for you. All you need to do is just lay back and give up control over your own orgasms! How delightful it all is when you no longer have to make the choice about when and where to cum. Such a relief to no longer be in charge of all that messy business. And the benefits, let’s not forget about the benefits.

800 356 6169 orgasm delay whoreMen like you, once denied a few orgasms, become like putty.

Easily molded, soft and malleable, and all I had to do was just tell you “no”. It’s delightful! From the moment that you give up control over your orgasm you become mine, utterly and completely. You’ll be my own personal orgasm delay whore. What would you be willing to do to earn that orgasm? How far will you go? I’d bet that with the addition of a simple chastity device, (key safely on a chain around my neck), you’d morph into the perfect slutty whore for me.

I know, you think I can’t possibly do this to you, that there’s just no way.

Well, I can prove how simple and easy it will be. I know you think this chastity device can’t possibly stop you from reaching an orgasm, but I bet you it can and will. If you manage to orgasm despite the device, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass. If I win this bet, you’ll be my total little whore in every way. Simple! How badly do you want to win? And are you sure you don’t want to loose instead?

Do you want to cum? Or would you rather be my orgasm delay whore?

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