You have to earn your release from Ms Gia

I have subs and slaves dying to cum.

Now, when I ask them why they feel the need to cum, they always give me the same answer. “Mistress cause I can’t take your teasing Goddess”

I want you all to know that in order for you to cum for me you have earn it.

Yes! That is right. You have to earn your release with me. You have to show that you worship the ground I walk on. You have to show your true devotion to me. You have to complete some task and only after you do that you can cum!

The following tasks have to be done in order in order for you to earn your release in my world.

1st Task: Print out one of my picture, frame it and set it aside your bed. You then have to recite the Goddess Gia Devotion Pledge, while you kneel in front of it every morning, when you wake up, and every night before you lay your head to sleep.

2nd Task: You will have to set aside a special spot in your home to build me a shrine. I want a wall full of my pictures and blog posts. No if’s or but’s

3rd Task: Last but not least you will have to practice my edging techniques for 1 week.

If you find yourself having “accidents” you will have to start from the beginning and being honest with me and confessing your failures to worship your mistress properly as expected by me.

If you find yourself still standing strong after all that I am requesting you may cum BUT only when I can hear you and still have control of how you cum!

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