Slow Enjoyment of Masturbation for your cock with Ms Cindy

We’ve all been through breakups before but it has been said that the worst kind of rejection is when your masturbating hand falls asleep…

Interestingly enough we don’t all experience the same things when it cums to masturbation. We’re also are not necessarily aroused by the same things, are we? What seems sexy or arousing to any one of us differs from person to person based on our own individual personalities, life experiences, bodily sensitivities, and what we have learned to interpret as sexually exciting.

When we arouse ourselves during masturbation we all typically have a similar response. What man doesn’t enjoy stimulating his penis and testicles with his hand by rubbing and stroking slowly….working up to a quicker more excited pace? In addition, masturbation is good for you.

Relax and feel free with masturbation

Now, before we get to the hands-on training I want you to feel safe and comfortable. I want you to relax both your mind and your body. Remember, it’s difficult to feel relaxed and free with your sexuality if you worry someone may walk in on you…make sure you have complete privacy while stroking your cock.

Allow your mind to wander, to concentrate on whatever sexual, kinky fantasy you like. Good…now observe what happens as you start feeling sexual desire…as your cock gets harder and stiffer you experience an almost irresistible desire to stroke it. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your femdom masturbatrix voice: “Your cock feels so good…you’re so happy to be stroking it at this moment but I want you to hold it…hold it and do not cum until I tell you to.”  Very good…
When it comes to masturbation there is no right way to do it. The only right things to do are those things that feel oh so good.

You did very well today, my pet! Now go ahead smile and take a big bow and always make sure you give yourself a hand for a job well done.

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