60 Minute Masturbation assignment with porn by Ms. Constance

I know how much you horny guys love masturbation assignments AND how much you all love porn so I shall combine the two and see how you do.

Pick a porn to edge too

You get to pick one porn clip to edge to for 15 minutes. No you may not watch more than just that one clip and if it is a short clip then watch it over and over. Be sure not to go over that edge and hold back that orgasm when you feel it rise up that cock….ohh and it WILL rise up that cock!

Cool down

Now after you have edged for 15 minutes to your choice of porn clip you need to cool down. One thing I know about cock stroking horny men is that once they get to the edge the first time…they continue to hit the edge quicker each time after and tend to have accidents like ruined orgasms or full on explosions and I have not given you permission for that so COOL Down for 5 minutes.

My porn pick

Now you have cooled off and it is time to get worked back up again! This time I pick the porn. Oh, and no whining or complaining about my choice or you will be denied for sure! I am going to be generous and allow you to choose from the following three porn selections for your next 15 minutes of orgasm edging. Same as the first part either one long clip or re watch the clip over and over but only ONE porn.

Girl on Girl
Guy on Guy
Cum Eating Men

Cool down

Once again spend 5 minutes relaxing taking deep breaths and enjoying the ache building in your balls from all the stroking and pumping of that cock.

Time to really finish strong

Now you have spend 30 minutes with active cock stroking and two 5 minute cool downs and it is time for the BIG finish….or well that’s what you hope for right? This time you will spend the entire 20 minutes re-watching both porn clips from the first two stroking sections of this blog. Your choice and the one you chose from my list. Loop them over and over watching both for the full 20 minutes and being sure not to go over the edge……….when you reach that 1 hour mark click play on the below audio and find out if you get to cum for me!

Listen to Ms Constance

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Ms. Piper Will Let You Cum Under ONE Condition!


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Try Ms Andi’s Stroketacular Sundae Cum Eating Challenge


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Hi there to all of you sexy people!

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