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Punishment for Cock Stroking Without Permission

A punishment for your cock from Ms. Cindy.

Punishment from Ms. Cindy for naughty cock strokers.

A punishment is needed for your cock.

This will not stand. You were touching yourself without permission again, weren’t you?  Your moans suggested to me you were playing with your cock.  This will have to improve if you ever want to touch yourself again. When I ask you a question, I expect a timely reply on your part, regardless if you think I will be displeased with your response.  So tell me, exactly what were you doing in the shower?  Men typically don’t shower that long.  I know you were up to something in there.  You were touching yourself without permission again, weren’t you?  Your moans suggested to me you were playing with your cock, and you wanted everyone to hear you, so you recorded yourself. Whatever happened to just plain singing in the shower?

Can’t control yourself any longer?

Now your punishment will be even more severe.  It’s obvious you can’t control yourself.  Was it the aroma of your pistachio/magnolia scented body wash that got you all horny?  Unlikely.  Must have been the intoxicating scent of a woman that brought you to that uncontrollable state you sometimes fall into.  On the other hand, I bet it’s my voice, the voice of Mistress Cindy, that marvels and enraptures you.  My commands instantly mesmerize and transform you into a compliant little wench.

You are a slut.

You are a whore.

Your body is mine to do with as I please.

How many times have you had to be tamed?  The time is now that I want you to be completely submissive.  Despite your many failed attempts at trying to stop your masturbatory marathons, I know it will undoubtedly continue given your lack of discipline.  It’s all quite a challenge for you, I imagine. The tv, internet porn, titillating books and men’s magazines all conspire and motivate you to touch your cock.  This type of media dominates your naughty little mind. It stimulates the big head and gives you a pleasant sensation at the tip of your little head, does it not?

Now subbie, you know what I want to see.  Squat and masturbate for me. This is what you want, isn’t it? I want to hear you pant and see you stroke, but do not cum until I tell you to do so. Keep your heads (big and little) held high while you stroke yourself.  Remember, you’re masturbating for my benefit, not your own.

Your cock is now under my control.

Hold the base of your cock with your left hand while gripping the shaft with the fingertips of the right hand and slowly stroke it up and down.  Enjoy the heightened arousal as you remain under my control.  Listen as I control the speed, now faster, now slower.  Stay focused.  I can tell you are floating in an erotic haze just short of an orgasm.

“May I cum, Mistress?”

“Do you want to cum?”

“How much do you want to cum?”

Let me hear you whimper, as I find it extremely amusing, but hurry up before I get bored and change my mind.


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