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Tag Team Cock Control Training

Tag Team Cock Control Training Calling all chronic masturbators, premature ejaculators  and anyone looking for two sexy Mistresses collaborating for the mutual benefit of all! This is Tag Team Cock Control Training like you’ve never seen before!

I know. Your head is now swimming and thinking: Two devious, sexy Mistresses teaming up against you and handling all of your cock control training needs? Does it get any better than this?

Your Cock Control Tag Team

Mistress Constance is one of the ultimate trainers LDW has ever seen. Experienced with male chastity  and orgasm control she will lend her years of experience to tease torment and ultimately get us where you want to go.

Mistress Erika is the newest member of the LDW training team. Although new with LDW she is experienced with conditioning subs minds and helping them to submit further than they have done previously. We all know with more submission from you, comes more control over your cock and your orgasms!

How Tag Team Cock Control Works

Four weeks of intensive training.
Your one 20-minute call to one Mistress each week gets you:

Two emails, one from each Mistress, each week aimed at reviewing your progress checking in or just sending encouragement, for that week.

One custom (2-5 minute) audio made by one of the Team Mistresses helping you to meet your training goals.

One Private Meeting, each week will happen between Mistress Constance and Mistress Erika to review you, your goals and reviewing your lesson plan.

All of the above is over a $120.00 value for the price of one 20-minute call per week.

To answer the question of “May I cum” , well you’ll have to join our Cock Control Training program to find out!

Don’t delay, send an email today to reserve your seat, and and put in the subject like “Tag Team Training”. Give us an overview of your training needs and we’ll get back with you. Don’t worry, your training doesn’t officially begin until that first 20 minute call! Drop us a line today and reserve a future seat for your Cock Control Training Classes.

Listen to Ms Erika

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Mistress Piper Will Allow YOU To Decide Whether You Cum!

Surely You Can’t Say No! 800-356-6169

I’ll leave whether you cum or not up to you. Poor thing, you look like you’re desperate to the point of madness, and you really do need to cum….but before you decide, perhaps you should consider the following:

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Deny Your Orgasm for Mistress Simone

Teasing and denial is good for your health.

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Teasing and Denying You with a Cock Ring

Teasing and denying you is easy when you are wearing a cock ring!

May I cum?

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Ms. Christine’s Edging Assignment

May I Cum

We Love Orgasm Edging

Are you sure that cumming is better than the excitement of edging?

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