Ms Sloane has a wager for you

Do You Fancy a Wager?

I have a wager for you, provided that it’s one you think you can win. It’s really quite simple.  If you have sufficient control and will power, I may let you cum! Interested? I thought you might be! How long has it been again? Since you’ve been allowed to cum? I forget!


Let’s plug in your absolute, never fail, always delivers, porno and you get to watch it all! I’ll even sit right next to you and allow you to watch me as I pleasure myself over and over. You can hear me, see me as I start to moan low and soft and feel me as I shudder , so close to you. But…you can’t touch me! Live interactive porn, what can be better, right? I’ll even let you stroke that cock of yours! This is one more teensy little catch…

What’s The Catch?

You can stroke that cock as hard and as fast as you want, while watching me and what’s on the TV…but…you can’t cum! Not until I say you can anyway. I’ll  have ten orgasms first and…tease that cock until the tears of frustration roll-and then, I may tell you to cum IF you make it that far! Remember, the fact that I’m a multi-orgasmic woman counts on your side!

The Downside?

Now say like you accidentally cum, well… that’s all right! You’ll simply be locked into unrelenting servitude to your Mistress and whatever my whims and desires are, for… thirty days. In other words, you shall be mine, to do with as I see fit. Think you have enough control for that?

Good! Let’s begin!

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4 things to try during Masturbation May


Since the whole month of May is dedicated to Masturbation around here I want to challenge all of you to try the following 4 things to spice up your masturbation routine

Hands Free Masturbation

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Slow Enjoyment of Masturbation for your cock with Ms Cindy


We’ve all been through breakups before but it has been said that the worst kind of rejection is when your masturbating hand falls asleep…

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Masturbating to Music for Mistress Constance


Hello there my lucky stroker pet. You know I love music and what better way to enjoy music than to let you chronic masturbators enjoy a little stroking while listening to some of my favorite songs?

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Up The Edging Ladder With Ms. Delia

Tweet Edging Ladder Training

May I Cum Ms. Delia?

You all know what a cockteasing bitch I can be.  I love teasing you, bringing you to the edge of cumming…and then telling you “No!  You may NOT cum!”  Well, with this assignment, you are about to find out just what a cockteasing . . . → Read More: Up The Edging Ladder With Ms. Delia