30 Minute cock stroking assignment by Ms. Constance

Stroke for Ms ConstanceAre you ready to be hard and aching? Can you handle my cock stroking assignment? Follow the steps for the next 30 minutes and find out if you get to cum in the end!

First step is to lube up that cock with your favorite lube, get it nice and wet and slick because you will not be letting go of that cock for the next 30 minutes!

Slowly bring your cock to a full erection by stroking up and down the entire length from balls on up over the head of that cock…….once fully erect I want you to go stand in front of a mirror where you can view that hard dick pumping in and out of your hand, and repeat the following words…..I am a horny stroker, I can’t keep my hands off my dick…repeat this over and over 50 times

Now while stroking that cock I want you to reach down and rub those balls feel how heavy and full they are….give them a squeeze pushing some of that cum from those balls into your raging hard dick! Continue doing this until you have reached your second edge once on the edge just hold that cock in your hand until it subsides.

Time for more dick tugging strokers…..now I want both hands on the cock however you can fit them and I want you to fuck your fists…shove that big hard horny cock in and out of your hands while having them both wrapped tight around that horny denied cock. Do this till you are on the edge of cumming once again and just stop when you can take no more being sure to keep your hand on that cock at all times.

By now that cock should be aching throbbing and dripping with pre cum now I want you to repeat all of the above stroking until you have hit 30 minutes of edging and stroking….once you have completed your 30 minutes you can listen to the attached audio to see what comes or perhaps “cums” next hehehehehehe.

Listen to Ms Constance

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