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Ms. Christine’s Stroking Instructions

When I take control of your cock and give you guided masturbation instructions, there are a number of strokes I might have you use. But here are three I want you to try. And I want you to edge at least five times with each stroke, then click on the audio below to find out if you may cum.

Healing Stroke

Stroke for Mistress Christine.

I love to guide your masturbation!

I don’t think I have to say this, but get naked for me before you start stroking. Make sure that cock is nice and hard, then we’ll get started. For the first stroke, your cock should be resting on your belly. Take your non-stroking hand, and cup your balls with one hand. I don’t want you to stroke. Instead, with the heel of the palm of your stroking hand, just glide it up and down the underside of the penis all the way to the tip. Give me five edges, then rest for five minutes, before you move on to the next one.

Anvil Stroke

Are you still hard? Did those five edges get you leaking pre-cum? Now, I want you to wrap one hand around your cock right at the head, bring it down, letting it stroke your dick from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, let go, while at the same time, bringing your other hand to the top of your cock and repeat the stroke, creating an alternating motion. It’s like a never-ending, teasing stroke. Five more edges, slut, then rest again for five minutes.

Climbing the Mountain

I’ll bet you are really desperate to cum now, aren’t you? Ten edges, and there’s still more to go! Take that cock in one hand and gently, sensuously caress it for about ten seconds – just like you think I would if I were there – then give it one quick up-and-down stroke. Repeat the sensuous caressing for about ten seconds (perhaps using slow up-and-down strokes), and then give that dick two quick up-and-down strokes. Repeat the caressing, then give three quick strokes, etc. Continue until you’ve edged five times. Make sure you keep track of how many actual strokes it takes….

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


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