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Mistress Harper Will Own Your Cock

I am a cock owner. A cock Mistress, and a cock keeper.

Your cock, in fact, is in need of ownership. I know exactly what that cock needs, and it’s not the pathetic aimless fumbling you’ve been “indulging” in. What you and that cock need is to be taken over, dominated, and used. The main problem you’ve got is that you’re just not assertive enough to really properly take control over even your own sad and solitary sex life, such as it is. Instead of going out and getting laid, you stay home and watch porn while moaning and whining about how sad it is that you can’t get a woman.

cock owner Harper 800 356 6169What you need is a cock owner to take charge and dictate terms to you.

If you can’t manage to get your own cock cravings in line, how do you think you’ll ever get any aspect of your life under control? There’s simply no way you’re going to be a good managerial candidate with your lackluster performance and pathetic stumbling around. Just give it up and let me take control over that cock, and by extension, every aspect of your life. From here on out, you don’t get to play with that cock unless I give you permission. No touching, no stroking, no teasing, no nothing! The only thing I want to hear out of you is “Yes, Mistress.”

The beauty of a cock owner of a Mistress is that you don’t even have to make any decisions at all.

Do you masturbate each morning? Not anymore! Do you jerk off on your lunch break? Ha! Nope. Would you like to cum on my tits and lick it up? YOU WISH. You’re going to be so desperate and so horny, and yet so focused. Let’s take all that erotic energy and redirect it to something a whole lot more productive. Instead of jerking off each day, you’re going to store up your cum, your need, and put all that energy into worshiping me as I deserve. You can visit my wishlist and get me presents to show your adoration. You can send me bouquets made of money! You can beg and plead and whimper for a release. Every time you ask “May I Cum?”, I’ll simply answer…

Not yet.

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