Edge Your Cock with Ms. Alexis

Tease and Denial MistressI recently had the honor of being invited to a pass the penis party. We have them all the time here at LDW, via phone, where one lucky guy has the express privilege of being cock-teased by multiple Mistress femdoms. Sometimes the party are fairly short. Three Mistresses in 30 minutes is an example, though that is a LOT of edge-play! Other times the pass the penis game goes on for hours, like the one I attended recently. Yummy!

How to enhance your pass the penis experience…

If you have played pass the penis before and want to enhance your experience, I can think of one great way to do that! You might think it involves trying out a new kind of lube or using a silk scarf as you jerk off. Those are both great options, but I am thinking of something even better!

What was unique about this last pass the penis game was the fact that I got to watch the main stroker on cam! That’s right! We got on Skype and I was treated to a sexy webcam show where he stroked his hard cock for me over and over again. It always turns me on to see a rock hard dick being pumped not only for his pleasure but for mine as well. Just think about it. Would that NOT send ripples of excitement through your body to be watched while you stroke?

Tease and denial practice run…

If the idea of jumping headfirst into tease and denial games is daunting to you, trust me, I get it. Masturbation is tough enough without actually trying to last. Throw in the voices of several hot women speaking to you directly and that makes it even harder (pun totally intended). Since I understand your plight, I am going to give you a little stroking assignment to help you bolster your lasting time.

The assignment:

Stroke your cock so that you reach 1 edge in 5 minutes. Take a 5 minute break. Stroke your cock so that you reach 2 edges in 10 minutes. Take a 10 minute break. Stroke for 3 edges in 15 minutes. Take a 15 minute break. -assignment complete-

Once you have completed the assignment, click the banner below to listen to my final say on whether you get to blow or not!



Ms Cooper decides the fate of your dick


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Ms Sloane has a wager for you


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4 things to try during Masturbation May


Since the whole month of May is dedicated to Masturbation around here I want to challenge all of you to try the following 4 things to spice up your masturbation routine

Hands Free Masturbation

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Slow Enjoyment of Masturbation for your cock with Ms Cindy


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