Let Ms Cooper Control Your Release

We don’t always get what we want in life, and having a sexual release can be one of those things. For those of you that have made the awesome decision to have a Mistress govern over you and own your cock, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Some things are best delegated to another person to make the final decision and the fate of your release is one of them. Oh yes, it is attached to you but you do not control it, we do! Being so weak and submissive can bring you so much pleasure in the end. I love to listen to you grovel and beg to even touch your cock much less have an orgasm lol. That will happen when I give you permission and only then. You need to be guided, teased, delayed and even denied! I may give you the OK to stroke a bit but that better be all that you do until I decide to let you do more.

Control is such an awesome thing and I don’t take it lightly. Knowing how weak you are for me and that you will do anything for me to let you cum, excites me very much. Trust me, it is in your best interest to have an excited Mistress and not a Mistress who is bored and looking to punish you even more. Keep me happy and I just may consider letting you stroke and jerk for a bit, and if I’m real happy well who knows just what I may let you do!

So on your knees, grovel and beg and do a good job for me, I love weak and submissive men and that is why you need a strong and in control Mistress to keep you in line. What is that you just asked me? “May I cum?” hahaha, hell no!
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Stroking game from Mistress Constance


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Endure For Ms Christine


It’s Endurance Test Time Stroker!

Do You Want To Cum?

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Ms. Delia’s Stroke And Stop Game

Tweet It’s Like Red Light, Green Light

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Hand Over Your Stroking and Orgasm Rights to Ms Kaylee


Let’s Spice up your stroking habits Mistress KayleeCall 1800 601 6975

Sometimes a man just needs to rub one out, I understand that. I know I’m young and sexy as hell, but I’ve experienced many men just like you.

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