Orgasm Edging with Constance

Orgasm Edging with Ms ConstanceI love when a man discovers his ability to edge that cock and get to the brink of orgasm over and over…………and I want you to do it for me right now!

Lube up that dick

I love when a wet cock is stroked for me. Hearing and sometimes even seeing a wet cock being stroked and edged just makes my panties moist and my heart race. So grab your favorite lube and get that dick shiny for me!

Slow stroking

Start out nice and slow, sliding your hand from the base of your cock all the way up to the head and back down, very slowly for 15 minutes. In fact listen to my audio on this blog to hear the pace in my voice.

Increase the pace

Now after you have stroked very slowly for 15 minutes I want you to increase the pace of your hand sliding up and down that shaft a bit faster for 15 minutes. Now close your eyes and listen to your hand sliding up and down. Do you hear that wet noise of that lubed dick? Mmmmm that’s what I love to hear!

Fast and Furious

Now that you have been stroking for 30 solid minutes it is time to work that dick into a frenzy. I want that hand pumping up and down fast and fucking furious as if you’re fucking your fist. Lift those hips up and slam that hard cock into that fist. Do this until you are about to explode.

Ride the edge of that orgasm

You have been stroking fast and furious right up to that edge. Now hold that edge, keep that cock on the edge of orgasm, and delay that orgasm for as long as you can stand it. Rub that swollen sensitive dick head, squeeze those cum filled balls and hold that edge for me. Oh I bet you are so ready to cum aren’t you?

How long were you able to ride the edge of that orgasm?

Share with me how long you were able to hold that edge for….how long did it take you before you couldn’t handle it anymore and just wanted to cum? Feel free to leave it in a comment or contact me directly by phone or email

Listen to Ms Constance.

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