You are going to be denied by Ms Marlena

Marlena5No means no means no!

Witnessing a man’s orgasm is fun, but denying him is even better. While it’s exciting to hear your explosive moans as you enjoy an orgasm, it’s doubly satisfying to hear your desperate whimpers when you’re begging to cum. For that reason, I prefer denying men whenever I can. If it was up to me, men would always be denied. There’s something so hot about a frustrated man gripping his throbbing cock as it leaks pre-cum in desperation.

I’m not in the business of making deals.

Of course, after a long, agonizing tease and denial session, strokers want to cum. And when strokers want to cum, they start getting creative. I often hear, “I’ll do anything if you let me cum!” When my answer remains unchanged, my greedy little stroker sluts start trying to negotiate. How many of you have said, “If you let me cum, I promise to eat it all”? I’m sure more than a few of you are guilty of trying to negotiate an orgasm from your denial Mistress.

If I wanted another option, I would have chosen it myself.

If I wanted you to eat your cum, I would have told you to do so. If I wanted you to cum all over your face, you would have received those instructions. So remember that when I say you’re going to be denied, that means only one thing. You are going to be denied. No pleading, begging, or negotiations will change my mind.

Can you handle hearing no?

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