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Penis Decisions

I have important decisions to make about your penis.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought as of late. Serious thought, weighing the pros and cons and, of course, taking into consideration your feelings and delicate male ego. Now the time has come for me to announce my decision, young man, as to your previous request, I have decided NO, I don’t want you to cum yet.


Don’t you dare groan and don’t you dare moan. Tolerating disappointment is something you should have learned already, but it didn’t take. So now, your Mistress will have to take over and teach you what you did not learn previously.

You will be my little bitch boy and contain your orgasms until I feel the time is right for a release of pent up sexual energy. I realize you can’t hold it in much longer, but that’s too bad as it’s part of your training.

You are the entertainment.

Now put on some music…let’s try country music, like the type you’d hear at a Southern honky-tonk and slap your penis silly to the beat in double-four time. There you go…this may make you look pathetic but it is quite entertaining for the rest of us.

Not to change the topic, but my nipples get stiff in my bra. I imagine you are looking at them right now. I really can’t control it, like they have a mind all their own. Honestly, I think it’s because I’m picturing your penis thrusting in and out of my pussy. It feels very thick and manly…I never knew you had it in you, but you do!

I hope you like orgasm delay.

Okay…I think you’ve suffered enough at this point. If you’d like to cum, please call me and ask politely like the gentleman I know you can be…otherwise, we might have to start at the beginning again.



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