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Beg for Permission

It’s that perennial question, isn’t it? “May I cum now, Mistress?”

Most of the time, my answer will be “no, not yet,” because I like to delay the moment of your release for as long as possible. I also just like the inherent power exchange in having you ask me “May I cum?” By asking, you’re putting the power right into my hands; talk about an aphrodisiac! I adore the feeling of ultimate power and control over your cock that having you ask for permission to orgasm gives me.

Beg for Mistess Harper to let you cum.I want to hear you beg for permission to cum! “Please, Mistress, please, may I cum?!”

You know that cock belongs to me; every inch of flesh between your legs is mine. You’re not in charge of when that cock gets touched or stroked, and you most definitely aren’t in charge of when it gets to cum. You need to drop to your knees and beg, in your most pathetic voice, for me to let you stroke yourself to the edge of orgasm, and then you’d better plead and whimper for permission to cum for me.

In addition to begging to cum for me, I’d love to hear you beg to even touch my cock.

Total abdication of ownership over that cock letting the control over every aspect of your sexual life fall to me. I want to own that cock! You’re going to be begging me again and again to let you touch and stroke. Your new mantra for life is going to be “Please, may I cum?!” Just chant it for me, say it again, and again… and wait for the answer. Beg for permission to stroke for me, then beg for permission to edge, and then, finally, beg me to let you cum.

Would you like to cum for me? Are you willing to beg for permission to cum?

Say it for me. Beg. “Please, Mistress, I’m desperate. Please, may I cum?”


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