Will Constance let you cum?

So tell me sweet boy, how long has it been since you stroked that cock? Even better how long has it been since you had your last orgasm?

I know you’re a loyal, obedient submissive. You always follow my directions well and you know that you have no control at all over your sexual habits. We both know that if I left it up to you, you’d be jerking off every minute of every day, just like the chronic masturbator you were before meeting me.

Now that I’ve controlled that cock of yours for a while, it’s easier for you to wait to cum, isn’t it? You almost prefer feeling those full balls instead of the way your mind empties when that spunk shoots out of you. But, here you are today, hoping I’ll allow you that release you crave from me.

Okay then, take it out for me, feel it grow with each word you read. Feel it in your hand or fingers if that’s all you have. Squeeze it, pull it, and bounce it up and down with your hand. Now start pumping, stroke like you know how, you don’t need my instructions you’re a Pro at this! Do it, bring it to the Edge for me, and you know to stop when you feel that urge to orgasm.

You know it doesn’t come that easily, does it? I want you to edge over and over until you’re ready to beg me for permission to cum. Now let me hear you plead for those cummies. Would you bark like a puppy to hear me say “Yes, empty those blue balls for me?”

Whose permission do you need stroker slut? Keep begging and click below to see if you have earned the chance to cum for me.

Listen here to see if you have Ms Constance's permission to cum

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Orgasm Edging with Constance


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Edge and edge with Ms Kaylee


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