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Learn to Please Ms. Piper with Ruined Orgasms

Please Ms. Piper with your ruined orgasms.

You Know You Need It!

Is it really so wrong that I LOVE to deny you an orgasm? You know you’re much more obedient when Mistress won’t let you cum!

I like it when you’re obedient, and I like it when you’re desperate! You really have to work really hard to convince me that I should let you cum when you’re so adorable when you beg. Such a sweet face when it gets all flushed and panicky, because I told you I don’t think you deserve the cummies!

There are some problems with long term denial, though. For one thing, you really shouldn’t keep all that jizz bottled up. For another, a denied man cannot eat cum for Mistress.

Gee, I wish there was a way to get that man chowder out of those balls while keeping you obedient and docile.

What’s that you say? Ruined orgasms?

That’s a fantastic idea. I can always count on you to put my desires first!

What’s even better, ruined orgasms are entertaining for Mistress! There’s nothing quite like watching a man getting close to orgasm and then stopping on command, only to watch his poor denied cock jerk and sputter around, coughing up those few stray drops of spooge.

How completely humiliating is it to see your cock helpless to resist me, knowing that once those few precious drops of cum bubble out you’re done for the night, and you’re still horny and denied?

This is all part of your training. The only reason you have a cock is to please Mistress, and this is how you please me now. Get used to it!


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