Edge and edge with Ms Kaylee

Give control to Mistress Kaylee, call 1 800 601 6975I’m sure as you have gone through reading hot blogs and checking out all of our sexy Mistresses, that horny dick is more than ready.

You want to pound away on that cock and blow a nice load. Not so quick there stroker! Don’t just blow and go when you can edge and edge, prolonging your orgasm. Doing so will make it feel absolutely so much more amazing. Doesn’t that sounds soooo much more enticing?

Get Prepared

Break out that favorite lube and any masturbation toys you enjoy. These could range from pocket pussies to a plastic baggie that you can fill with petroleum jelly. Now get yourself in a nice quite place where you can spend quality time alone with your cock and your toys. If you’d like, pull up some of your favorite pics of Mistresses and set the stage. Now get that dick all nice and slicked up!

Now You’re Ready to Edge

Wrap your hand right around the base and give it a nice squeeze as you breath in and out slowly. Concentrating on whatever it is that gets your cock stiff and feeling good. Slide your hand to the top, and begin to tease only the head. Fingers around the ridge , massaging up and down…wiggling your fingers and once you’ve done that, then take your two first fingers and thumb and massage only the very tip, over the slit. Feeling it really getting engorged, it’s time to stroke for me. Your favorite strokes…up and down , up and down. Try also twisting that hand back and forth as you move. Get to that first edge! Then pull back until you can start again, roughly for 10 seconds.

Continue Working That Edge

You can use your baggie to stroke or a pocket pussy, or just your hand pussy. Whatever the case I want you to complete 15 edges and then listen to see if you can come.

Listen to Ms Kaylee

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