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Pleasure And Agony With Mistress Audrey

Many of my callers, former stroker boys and cocksuckers, love the idea of chastity because they feel it’s the ultimate submissive act. I monitor their chastity closely and it becomes the ultimate mind game of pleasure and agony. But it wasn’t always like that. Read on if you want to know how I transform stroker boys and cocksuckers into willing caged pets who stop begging to cum and enter another realm entirely.

Stroker Boys Submit

If you are someone who can’t help themselves from stroking, maybe it’s time to think about chastisty, the ultimate fantasy. Now before you say, no way I am not going to give up the greatest pleasure in the world–stroking my cock–I would say, keep an open mind.  I am well aware of your issues. You may think being in chastity is not a possibility. It’s not the logistics, ie wearing a chastity device to work or during a basketball, softball or soccer game with peers, or even the occasional sex with the wife issue that stands in the way. No, for you, it’s not doable because you are a stroker boy, addicted to playing with your cock either by yourself or while sucking cock.

The First Steps to Chastity

Sometimes you need to practice some of my my Orgasmic Edging or book a few Explosive Cockteasing sessions with me, before you will truly understand the pleasures of delaying gratification. These are necessary baby steps to get to the heady realm of mind fu*k games, where things get really interesting. Once you have learned the basics of controlling your orgasms, you’re ready to move into more sophisticated pleasures that you may not have even dreamed of yet.

* Please Note: Not everyone is cut out to be a full time chastity pet so be careful what you wish for! I am a Tease and Denial specialist {which does not necessarily mean that you will be denied or experience a ruined orgasm, unless that’s your darkest desire}. Denial, and Ruined Orgasms are not for everybody. If you are someone who definitely wants and needs to experience full satisfaction at the end of your session, then make sure we discuss that at the beginning of the session. However, the most fun is the thrill of not knowing and having your fate literally up to me.

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