Masturbation Assignments

Welcome to the Masturbation Mistress’ stroking assignments for the chronic masturbator. Here, you will receive instructions on three forms of masturbation, which I expect you to carry out to the letter.

While you are completing your masturbation assignments, I expect you to abide by the following 10 simple rules: 1. You will not ask questions. Your only concern is performing the tasks I give you to the best of your ability. 2. You are NOT to touch your penis to any other part of your body, except as directed 3. The assignments are to be performed five times a week. I do not care how, where, or when you perform them, just that you do. You may only jerk off once a day. 4. The assignments are not to be performed together. There will be a period of time between each assignment, but you will be required to follow each one until you are scheduled to move on. 5. While you are performing each assignment, you will not think of anything but the instructions I have given you. You are to concentrate ONLY on the masturbation techniques I am instructing you to practice, nothing else. 9. You will not be able to cum unless I give you permission, you are not to do this assignment if you do not believe you can follow that rule. 10. While you are performing the assignment, you will not pleasure yourself or relieve any kind of sexual tension for any reason. While you are doing the assignments, you will be masturbating, not pleasuring yourself or relieving sexual tension.

You will be required to obey my instructions and you are not allowed to question my instructions ever, do you understand?

Get Ready to Masturbate!

Each masturbation session will begin with a thoroughly clean body so be sure you are clean and tidy. Each session will last no longer than 15 minutes and you will be expected to edge to orgasm a minimum of 3 times. Are we clear?

Good boy, now let’s begin, shall we?

Assignment #1 – The technique I want you to use is a favorite of mine and if you’ve done any masturbation phone sex sessions with me, you might find these familiar. For your first technique I want you to make a ring with your index finger and thumb. Place that over the head of your penis and slowly begin to stroke your penis up and down with only those two fingers. For those of you with stubs for dicks, this one should be easy. Remember, you are to edge at least 3 times in 15 minutes. If you cannot complete that assignment, you won’t get to move on to the next one. Edge yourself to orgasm three times within 15 minutes and stop. DO NOT touch your balls or any other parts of your penis. Once you have accomplished that you will take a 24-hour break and begin the next assignment. NO jumping ahead.

Assignment #2 – You actually made it through the first one, and you should have. It’s the easiest of the three, of course. This one is going to take a bit of planning so make sure you have lube and you are able to kneel as in on your hands and knees. I want you to be sure and cover your penis and balls with plenty of lube first. Then it’s time to assume the position. The position for this technique is on your hands and knees with one hand around your penis. But, you won’t be stroking or moving that hand. No, you will use your hips and you will thrust your penis in and out of your hand. You can go as slow or as fast as you like as long as you adhere to the rule of 3 edges in 15 minutes. You should reach those edges pretty easily. When you have completed this assignment, go on to the last and final masturbation step.

Assignment #3 – Sitting in a relaxed position, with both hands, one by one, squeeze and pull upwards from the root of your penis to the tip. If you have extra skin (uncircumcised), you can also pull the skin up and over the head of the penis. Repeat as needed, slowly or as fast as you want. This is achieved with BOTH hands on the penis and pulling up toward the tip. Put the thumb of your upper hand over the head of your penis to add a little teasing torture. Once again, edge yourself to orgasm three times.

Naturally, you’re going to want that elusive orgasm. Not to worry. The day after you complete step 3, press the play button below to find out your fate.


AND….Good Luck

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