“Mistress Kay Marie, may I cum today?”

I love that question. It holds so many different truths in it. It acknowledges my authority over you. It asks if you will be allowed to get off. The “today” implies that you ask me this regularly, and the answer is never assured one way or the other. It also proves that hope springs eternal in the minds of tease and denial sluts. Even when they’re relatively certain they’re going to be denied, they still can’t help but hold out the slightest bit of hope that maybe today they’ll be given permission to cum.

What Type Of Prick Teasing Lover Are You?

I love playing around with that little shred of hope, too. Sometimes, I reward you for holding onto it by actually letting you cum. Other times, I might take great pleasure in squishing it flat beneath my feet by denying you. And still other times, I might technically let you cum by ruining your orgasm, which will only result in further frustration. Any of those things are possible when you ask me the question, “May I cum?”

When you call me to ask me this question, you’ll be teased quite a bit before you’re given an answer. I like the way the uncertainty keeps you on your toes and on your best behavior. There is always hope, isn’t there? Even in the darkest of times, there is. “Maybe Mistress will let me cum today….”

I enjoy playing with all kinds of subs who like being teased. Some of you are mostly into tease and delay, meaning that you want to be allowed to cum eventually after some cock teasing time. Others are into tease and denial and want to actually be denied at the end. Some genuinely want to leave it up to me to decide. Others crave that ruined orgasm. And still others are so into denial that they’re locked up in chastity. I’m a prick teasing Mistress for all of those different types of submissives.

Making A Game Out Of Cock Teasing

Sometimes, I even like to make a game out of it. Maybe I’ll roll some dice to decide what to do with you or flip a coin to see if you’ll be allowed to cum or not. Most of the time, I like to make my own decisions. But there are times when it’s entertaining to me to let fate or chance decide what happens to you when you ask, “May I cum?”

But the one thing you can be sure of, every time you talk to me, is that there will be plenty of teasing before the decision is made. Or maybe I’ll already know the answer to the question as I tease you, but just withhold it from you because it amuses me to do so. Either way, come prepared with lube. You’re going to be here a while.

Choosing The Answer To “May I Cum?”

Then, after lots of teasing, lots of edging, and perhaps some guided masturbation instructions for those of you who enjoy that, I’ll finally reveal to you whether or not I’m going to let you cum today. Chances are, the answer is no. But as we established before, hope springs eternal, doesn’t it? And my pleasure at dashing that hope at my feet and stomping it flat never, ever gets old.

Yes, you probably won’t get an orgasm from me. But you *might*, and that small chance is enough to keep you coming back for more, isn’t it?

So go ahead. Try your luck with me. See if today will be the day you win the jackpot, or if it’ll just be another day of orgasm denial for you. Give me a call to find out! All you have to do is get me on the phone and ask the simple question: “May I cum?”

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