One of the most erotic questions you can ask a Mistress is “May I Cum?” But there’s something that turns us on even more, or maybe it only turns me on, and that’s “May I be your chastity slave?” It’s an elevated form of cock control, removing even the question about whether or not you get to orgasm from the equation. Instead, your central question becomes ‘Can I even unlock and touch at all?!’ and if that’s not a fun question I’m a soggy loaf of bread.

Are You Ready To Become A Chastity Slave?

Can you handle the strict side of Mistress Harper?I want you to take this question very seriously. Because I do not joke about chastity slave requirements, tasks, or the strictness with which I view chastity. Now, yes, just a little sissy chastity game for a weekend or a hot evening role play? That’s completely different from full time owned chastity slave reality. I love playing chastity games, short term and transient and full of teasing about ‘oh no what if I lose track of the key?’ That’s just good clean fun. But if you come to me and want me to take on utter and complete responsibility for your cock, balls, and all future orgasms? I take that quite seriously and so should you.

What Are Mistress Harper’s Chastity Slave Requirements?!

I’m so glad you asked! In the interest of full disclosure and to ensure that you and I can work well together as Mistress and chastity slave, I’m going to go ahead and let you know exactly what I require from you, and what your new role entails.

First up: you need a high quality, well fitting, secure chastity device. Those cheap plastic and resin things you can find on Amazon for cheap simply will not do. They break, they’re not suitable for long term chastity, and while they may work well for short term play and some chastity games they will not work for me.

Next: you must be familiar with chastity lasting longer than three days. No weekend warriors need apply! If you haven’t already spent longer than a weekend locked in chastity you will not make it as a chastity slave for me.

Finally: you need to be excellent at communication. The bedrock of every D/s relationship is communication! If you can’t or won’t tell me when something is too much, when you’re struggling, or when you’re in need of something I haven’t given you, this will not be a good healthy dynamic for either of us and I’m deeply disinterested in playing the role of Villain in your psychodrama.

Do You Think You’re Ready?

If you’ve never played a chastity game or even an orgasm denial game with me before, I highly suggest you arrange a session soonest so we can see if our interaction is even any fun for either of us! I don’t expect that I’d be everyone’s cup of tea, and I definitely don’t assume that your version of chastity is going to spark joy for me. A little dynamic to see if we work well together, and to get to know one another is vital. Let’s play a short term chastity game, maybe a couple of hours, maybe a few days, to see if the way I deal with chastity meshes with the way you deal with chastity. If we’re not compatible, no worries, no judgment, let me help you find someone who more closely matches your style of play. If we do indeed play well together, well, we can discuss something more long term and lasting.

Chastity Slave Dynamic

The Mistress/slave dynamic is something that I take very seriously. It’s as meaningful a relationship as a marriage. A D/s role play scenario is one thing, rooted in fantasy and not serious at all. But if you ask me to own you, you may be surprised at how seemingly hesitant I am at first. It’s not that I don’t do that sort of relationship, it’s that I wouldn’t marry someone I just met and have never spoken to in real time, you see? You want to be my chastity slave, we can work towards that and keep it in mind as our end goal, but I’m not slapping a cheap pleather collar on you before I even know the first thing about you!

Do You Think a Chasity Slave Gets To Cum?

Of course, they can. Orgasm without ejaculation is something I’m a huge fan of. But this is the May I Cum blog, so I bet you can already guess what the answer is going to be. For short term play, getting to know one another, I like to keep you denied. If we’re working on learning to orgasm while locked, well I guess that depends on you and how well you’ve been applying your lessons. Will I unlock you and let you cum? Well…

When you’re ready, drop me an email or call me to discuss your new life as a chastity slave. Let’s see if we work well together, and if you have what it takes to be mine.

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