Chastity All Month Long

As you know the whole month of October is dedicated to chastity training. I know some of My tease and denial sluts are reveling in their sexual frustration for Locktober.  I like keeping the men in My stable locked up and wrapped around Mistress’s pinky. It is exactly where they love to be. Who can blame them? Chastity play is near and dear to Mistress’s heart for many reasons.

The first reason is that men are primarily sexual beings and controlling that part of them is an exhilarating part of being a dominant Woman. A man’s sexually driven existence is an aspect that many vanilla women simply ignore or just don’t understand. Much of this misunderstanding comes from religious and patriarchal conditioning that tries to blunt human nature altogether. We all see how *wonderfully* *that* worked out, right? hahaha!

A man putting his sexuality in the hands of a Mistress is just as exhilarating for the submissive as it is for the Mistress. Why you ask? Simply put in two simple yet not so simple terms; control and surrender. I enjoy controlling your orgasms because they are so central to the male experience. I’m sure you have heard the old trope “men think with their dicks”, right? Well, what if you don’t have access to that beloved nether brain anymore? You’ve had all that time to masturbate which you took advantage of liberally, haven’t you? Well once you hand over those keys to Mistress that playtime is over. You’ll have to focus your energy elsewhere, on what is truly important; pleasing your Mistress.

Chastity Training Pleases Mistress

When you sublimate what you want and delay gratification, it not only pleases your Mistress but also makes you a better man. How, you ask? It is simple psychology. Individuals who can delay gratification often have much happier and more fulfilled lives. We are currently living in the age of instant gratification and I believe it is de-evolving us as human beings. Everything is at our fingertips; information, songs, books, podcasts, groceries………we’ve become entitled and overindulged.

This inability for delayed gratification has become what I believe to be a catered to human weakness in our society. Chastity training forces you to take the essential part of your male nature and hand it over to the beautifully well manicured hands of a Mistress. Then you are forced to try and funnel that energy into other more constructive activities like pleasing your Mistress and self-improvement.

Chastity Training Made Him Better Chastity Training Mistress jenna

One of My favorite chastity toys is a flat chastity cage. It almost looks like a salt and pepper shaker, but trust Me, no salt is cumming out of *that* shaker!!! I love having a subbie in a flat cage so you can attach a dildo to it for My pleasure. My favorite way of teasing a chastity bitch is to put the dildo on the chastity cage and tie him to the bed while he watches Me give a pseudo blow job. He groans and pleads while I torment him to pieces.

I love the look of utter frustration on his face. I’ll look at him and brattily ask “How many days is it now?”. By this point, he can barely speak, let alone remember he has 12 days left in his sentence, hahaha! Now keep in mind during the first 18 of his sentence he has achieved the following; reduced his body fat by working out, created two side hustles to increase his income, kept My house immaculately clean, and did Mistress’s laundry, grocery shopping, and even washed My car. Pretty good deal, eh?

He’s become an all around better man and tapped into some of his latent talent because I inspired him to be his best by putting him in chastity. Let’s see if you’re courageous enough to be a better man, do you have what it takes to be a good chastity slave to Mistress?

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