Are you interested in learning how to last longer in bed? How about increasing your pleasure to levels that are so far beyond what you’re currently capable of experiencing that it’s almost unimaginable? Would you be interested in all the positive benefits of orgasm control? I think you would be, because you’d have to be pretty committed to a straight edge celibate lifestyle to be disinterested. Let me cocktease and tempt you away from that never-nut life, and bring you into the light of intense pleasure.

Orgasm Control Through Guided Masturbation

Mistress Harper Orgasm Control Through Guided MasturbationLet’s start with the temptation by exploring exactly what orgasm control is, and what it’s not. Most of the time when you’re masturbating your goal is to finish cumming as soon as possible, right? With this sort of guided masturbation game the goal is to increase your enjoyment and enable you to last longer in all sorts of sexual games. The root of cock control is the control; in this case, you hand over control to me, or to your chosen partner on the phone, and we exert control by guiding your masturbation. We’ll tell you when and how to stroke, how fast, how hard to grip, even what technique to use as you’re stroking yourself off. And you do as we direct, instead of following your own whims and desires. The end result is a guided masturbation session that leaves you feeling more fulfilled and sated.

Never-nut? Does That Mean Cumming?!!!

I can practically hear the denied sluts out there getting very excited over the idea that orgasm control means they get to finally cum for me. Hold your impatience, because I’m about to split a fine hair. There’s a difference between orgasm and ejaculation, as you well know! A big part of these sorts of guided masturbation games is the slowly dawning realization for many strokers and sluts that it is possible to have an orgasm without actually cumming all over yourselves. Orgasm is the feeling of pleasure, the euphoria of an energetic explosion arising from intense stimulation. Ejaculation is the expelling of fluids associated with sex. Learning to control your orgasm can mean learning to have that ecstatic moment without losing your erection or spewing cum everywhere. And that’s what I really mean when I tell you about ‘unimaginable pleasure’.

Unimaginable Pleasure

What would you do if I could teach you how to orgasm two, three, or more times in a row? Would you be willing to give up ejaculation to achieve this absolutely amazing level of pleasure and euphoria? I think you might be tempted. The process isn’t all that difficult, it’s just a bit much for some men, especially in the beginning stages. There’s a lot of arousal and horny feelings with not very much fulfillment. You have to prime the engine, so to speak, really work up a head of steam or arousal, before we can make you orgasm again and again for us. If it were easy, no one would need guided masturbation and orgasm control to get there, you’d just do this naturally as part of your usual sexual routine. This is a learned skill, and it does take a teacher to help you along. And you’re going to have to study hard, and apply yourself, and there may be some late nights as you contemplate the allure of a quick wank to take the edge off. But don’t! Keep that edge, that’s what we want, so that you can become the multi-orgasmic slut you could be.

Ready To Submit To Guidance?

The tradeoff is that you undergo a few weeks of guided masturbation training, with very few ejaculations (none, by preference), and at the end you get to experience ultimate orgasm control. You can learn to orgasm on command, to orgasm repeatedly, and you’ll learn to endure wave upon wave of pleasure and sexual arousal. Seems like a pretty decent tradeoff to me. I’d love to teach you to orgasm untouched and on command. It’s so sexy to see, if you’re willing to show me on cam, or to just listen on the phone as you obey men and experience the ultimate in cock control and submission to me. Let me control your orgasm. You’ll like it, I promise.

Listen To Ms Harper Here

Your Orgasm Control Mistress, Harper

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