You haven’t had an orgasm in far too long. You’ve had no privacy and your showers have been less than two minutes in duration. You get 10 minutes to call a Mistress and the first thing I hear you say is, “Please, Mistress. May I cum?!”

A Beautiful Sound: “May I Cum?!”

I love the desperation in your voice. I love that you have started off the call begging for relief. It’s so hilarious that you are so miserable you lower yourself to begging. But that isn’t as far as you will go on the call, is it?

If you’ve called me before and begged to orgasm, you know exactly how to do it.

I like my boys and girls, not to beg… “I beg you, Mistress!”… but to actually convince me why I should let them cum.

Start thinking. If you were distressed needing to have a nut and called me. What if you knew you weren’t just going to get a Yes or No answer, what would you say? What if tease and denial were my ultimate goal?

Be a Lawyer in Court

There are many ways you might try your strategy. The most common is to pretend to be a lawyer (if you aren’t one already). Stand in front of me, the judge. How would you argue your case?

“I’ve not been able to cum for 30 days now. No, your Honor, I was not in jail but at home and chaos reigned. I just did not have time.”

I might ask, “And why do you have time now? How long do you have? What would you do if I totally denied you and didn’t let you cum? How would you feel towards me? Would you hang up and jack off anyway? Disobeying my legal orders?”

I want to hear what you would say. It’s important for me to hear all the evidence before I make my decision of whether to allow you to wank or not. Will you cum while on the phone with me? Or will I make you jerk off alone without the pleasure of hearing me cheer you on?

Be a Conniving Jackass

Sometimes it’s fun to hear you be a total idiot, especially if humiliation is your thing. I want you to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that you have a right to cum. You might tell me you are merely being polite to a Mistress because you have been trained to listen to us. (I would definitely ask, “Who trained you up right to be a good submissive?!”

I can hear you now.

“You know how much I need to cum. Do you want to hear it again? “Please Mistress, May I cum?” Is that good enough for you?”

How do you think I’m going to react to this asshole of a client? Well, besides laughing my own ass off. First, I might have you do all sorts of crazy things with your sweet dicklette or even your butthole. Wouldn’t that be a barrel of fun? You would do it, too, wouldn’t you? Because, you might feign being all strong and in charge, you see, I have control over that cock. You do not. And you know it.

If and When You Cum

When you called, you might have thought, “Thank goodness! I finally get to cum!” Little did you know the sweet bitch on the other end might have other ideas. Your desperation is my delight. The longer I can make your suffering, the more you have to implore me, the better it all is. Even with that 10-minute call, we can really have an awesome time together.

Oh, and if you cum, I want to hear it!

“Cum for me!”

May I Cum Orgasm Control Phone Sex (800) 601-6975

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