I will sometimes invent little stroking games to keep things fun and interesting. Kind of like drinking games but with a twist. Or using dice, cards, spin the wheel (which is a favorite). But it works and it’s a ton of fun. I came up with a stroking card game that will more than likely leave you exhausted by the end. Plus, you’ll have to do a little math – so have your calculators ready. Unless, of course, you’re able to calculate in your head while you stroke then you have some super special talent.

I recently did spin the wheel which helped to pick his fate and I’ve done an assortment of “spin the wheel” games and we had our own special topic to let fate decide. Humiliating tasks? Let the wheel decide. What toy to use next? Let the wheel decide. Ruined orgasm, full orgasm, edge a number of times? Let the wheel decide. Of course, if you call asking for spin the wheel – it will take me a minute to set it up after we’ve discussed what we are going to do – but it is a ton of fun.


I recently played a card game that involves a lot of cock control with a caller and we literally came up with it during the call. So I thought I would share with all of you what it is, how to play – you can do it on your own or with me. The point is, you must get through the WHOLE deck, which is equal to approx. 17 turns.

What you need is a deck of cards. You can always have your cards pulled virtually like this website: https://deck.of.cards/

What you need to pull is 3 cards each to determine the number of strokes you will have to perform. If you pull a 10, 7 and an ACE. That number will be 18. So you stroke 18 times. Now, determining how horny you are – 18 might be A LOT. But if you came this morning before reading this post – it may not seem like much. (Unless you are a pre-ejaculator – then I feel sorry for you).

Simple right? Not so fast, stroker boy. If there are some exceptions if your three cards involve a King, Queen, Jack or Joker.

These cards determine speed, and number. A King? Add another 20 strokes to it and make it fast. So if you pull a King, 2 and a 5 – this will equal 17 and you must stroke FAST.

A Queen is 15 strokes and you must do it slower. So, add 15 to the other 2 cards you already have.

A Jack is 10 more, and it’s even slower, so add it to the other 2 cards you have pulled.

A Joker? Well – you’re screwed. It equals 25. BUT, as we all know, the Joker loves to entertain and toy with you so you will be multiplying the total you drew by 3. For example: You drew the joker so now you have 25 plus the two cards you drew and multiply it by 3. (Now I realize that somewhere in the game you are deliriously horny and having to do all this math while all the blood and focus is out of your mind is ridiculously funny to me but that’s my sense of humor LOL). So, you have 25 and let’s say, a 5 and an 8. 25+5+8= 38. Now multiply that by 3 and you have 114. Now you have to do 114 strokes you must stroke wickedly FAST. That’s the trick of the joker – STROKE, BABEE, STROKE!

Now – once you get through the entire deck – if you have made it that far – we are going let some of the upper cards determine your fate. You need to keep drawing 3 cards until you get to one of the 4: Either King, Queen, Jack or Joker.

If you get to the King – you get to CUM! Congratulations. If you get to the Queen – You don’t get to Cum LOL. If you get to the Jack – you must work a little for this one – stroke 50 times then cum. And the Joker – well – you must RUIN YOUR ORGASM! LOL!

I hope you enjoyed, and remember – if you want to play with me sometime, just let me know. I’ll have the deck of cards waiting for you.

Mistress Cecilia


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