May I Cum, Mistress?

"Can I cum, Mistress?" "Excuse me? Didn't your English teacher teach you the proper way to ask?" "MAY I cum, Mistress?" A simple "May I Cum, Mistress?" will not do. No, you may not cum. In fact, I do not even like the question to be asked,...

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Denial: Earn Your Orgasm

It’s about time I had fun with you again, in fact, it's way overdue. Let’s get that “denial” bottle out again and get ready for some strokin’. Orgasm Denial..... Maybe Did I say denial? Well, don’t take it literally. I call all lube bottles this because...

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So what are you waiting for? Cum!

Sexual Adventures The sexual adventures you guys get yourselves into are good enough to make a successful long-running TV drama...not to mention entertaining re-runs for years to come As a Mistress I am fortunate to hear all about the high times of sexual...

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Ms. Olivia: Mistress is a Cock Tease

What I love about being a cock tease. Listen to why this Mistress loves to be a cock tease. I know of one special tease toy who constantly betrayed by his horny cock. I am the Experienced Mistress but I don’t have to be a Femdom to know about the feminine...

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