Let’s play a game of cock control chicken! How close to a ruined orgasm can you get, before you accidentally fall over the edge? I know, this is the May I Cum blog, and usually you have to wait to find out if you can, and don’t worry, you still need to listen to the audio to find out if you get a nice, full, satisfying orgasm or not. Of course, if you do ruin your orgasm, I suppose that answers the question, doesn’t it? Yes, but also joke’s on you! Read on to find out how the ruined orgasm tease works!

Wait, first, what is a ruined orgasm?

Ruined Orgasm Tease Harper 800 601 7259If you don’t know, a ruined orgasm is an orgasm in which you don’t experience the full bliss of a real satisfying release. Instead of stroking yourself all the way through every spurt and gob of orgasm, you either take your hand away as soon as the orgasm begins, try to pinch yourself off so you don’t fully orgasm, slap the head of your cock, or your balls, in order to mingle pain with the pleasure, or otherwise ruin the orgasm for yourself. I like having you take your hands away, and sit on them, so you don’t get all the pleasure from your orgasm. All the let down, none of the fun!

Now that you’re clear on the consequences of playing chicken with your dick…

Here’s how the ruined orgasm tease game works, for real. You’re going to tease your cock for me, over and over again, rising to the edge, and staying there for as long as possible. Each time, I want you to get to the edge, stroke enough to stay there, but then stop and let your desire recede. Then, begin again. Over and over again, as many times as you possibly can. Until you, well, can’t. Either because you’re about to cum and you know it, or because you screwed up and overestimated and accidentally made a mess. The thing is, if you cum without permission, you have to ruin it in some way.

Start your tease game by getting very comfortable.

Que up some porn, arrange some mood lighting, grab your favorite lube, and start to jerk off. Start very slow, the aim of this game is endurance, so the longer you take to reach the edge each time, the better you’ll be in the end! Fingertips on the head of your cock, slowly teasing yourself to full hardness, then stroking up and down, gaining in speed at a glacial rate. Let the orgasm rise in your body, and then maintain that edge. Edge for thirty seconds at a minimum! The Jeopardy theme is 30 sends long, if that helps. (And now I’m picturing you hard, jerking off, twitching, humming the theme song to a quiz show…lol!)

In order to win this ruined orgasm tease, you need to edge at least ten times!

Have you ever played an edging game? I bet you’ve never really made it past two or three edges before finally falling over the edge into an orgasm. You really liked it, didn’t you? Well, the ruined orgasm game takes this to a whole new (painful) level! Edge at least ten times, without cumming, without having to ruin your orgasm, in order to win. Once you’ve reached those ten edges, listen to the audio for further instructions! Do you get to finally cum, or will I leave you horny and frustrated? Only way to find out is to play!

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Enjoy your possibly ruined orgasm!

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