It’s no secret those of us who like the sensual aspects of sex and domination tend to have soft spots. Sometimes you may find just the right combination of groveling and patheticness to sway an outcome in your favor. Of course, you are banking on how pitiful you are which is a little humiliating in itself. That’s alright, after all, we don’t expect much of you when you are craving an orgasm.

Desperate for Punishment

This trick, however, may only work for you once or twice, as we are superior and catch on quickly. Of course, you will be punished in a way deemed very suitable. You are so desperate to cum; I’ll make sure you do. You think not having an orgasm is bad, imagine having a ruined orgasm. The first time it’s surprising you chop it up to an accident. Why would mistress do this to you, you had asked so nicely. The second ruined orgasm you begin to worry, but of course, your sweet and sensual mistress wouldn’t be so cruel. Then the third ruined orgasm it’s very obvious now I’m doing it to you on purpose. Why do I do this?

Ruined Orgasm as a Teaching Tool

Turns out ruining an orgasm is a great way to teach a lesson in humility. To remind you how weak you are to your desires. You edge yourself because it feels good, the longer you play with mistress it’s exciting. You start to beg to finish thinking if I sound desperate enough she’ll have to let me. You are almost right about that. As I promise you, just a little while longer. I keep pushing, and when I hear the desperation in your voice as you whimper, that’s when the order to stop is given. We both know it’s too late. As you stop your cum dribbles out with no further stimulation. I berate you for your lack of control, and you are left unfulfilled and embarrassed. Oh, and my favorite part about giving you a ruined orgasm is the severe case of blue balls that tend to follow.


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