It’s about time I had fun with you again, in fact, it’s way overdue. Let’s get that “denial” bottle out again and get ready for some strokin’.

Orgasm Denial….. Maybe

Did I say denial? Well, don’t take it literally. I call all lube bottles this because mostly it ends in orgasm denial. Today may be different, depending on how I feel at the end of this post. Now you must follow instructions to get a chance at having the best orgasm ever. Carry on!

Strip off your clothes and face a mirror. Today I want poses and views while you stroke your cock. If you do a good job today, the denial bottle will spin to yes! First, start with a head-on pose of you stroking. Come to an edge, feel it well up and stop at the edge. Good! That was so easy, and you did so well. You are earning points for sure.

Now stand sideways and stroke with a twist. I mean the dick and your ass…right…do the hula, a sexy twist. If you have a hula hoop, get it and use it. Stroke slow now. Let’s do a long edge, working up to a lustful orgasm and stop.

How Bad Do You Want It?

You are doing amazing! Earning points as you go! Now squat down if you can. It is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but you are earning this orgasm! This is pretty much for the athlete? Noooo, you can do it! If it gets unbearable squatting, stroking, and edging, then straighten up and finish the edge. Good work!

Here is an easy one. Get on your knees, ass facing the mirror and squeeze the denial bottle on your dick and begin to stroke in any manner working up to that edge once again. Right now your balls should be visibly vibrating to the stroke.

I will now spin the denial bottle to a yes or a no, if yes, I want a real mess on that mirror that worked so hard. If no, too bad, no cum for you. So here goes!

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