Controlling Your Penis

You’ve been much harder to control than I originally thought you would be. Your compulsiveness with regard to playing with your penis has been more resistant to treatment than I or anyone for that matter ever expected. So I ask you again…will you now allow your Mistress to take absolute control over your penis? I feel like I need to have deeper control of your sexuality than chastity alone could ever provide.

Your right to have unsupervised orgasms is over. It seems like every time I turn my back you are in your room pulling and tugging at your pud. One would think that it would get tiring after a while but you show no signs of slowing down. I realize missives tend to masturbate a lot…some are even referred to as “marathoners.” But you seem to be looking at setting a record of some sort. You must have the most productive balls on earth as they seem to be constantly at work manufacturing ever-increasing amounts of jizz.

Controlling your Orgasms

If it is at all possible, though I have my doubts that it is, you must make an attempt at striving to be a perfect submissive…if for no other reason than to save your penis from irreversible chafing and friction burns. Besides, being the best little sissy you can possibly have its rewards, I promise you…including occasional, and I mean very occasional unsupervised orgasms. You see, you can still have your little penile fun, but I will pace you so you don’t burn out at an early age.

Now doesn’t that sound like something you can agree to? I thought so…why don’t you contact me and we will make the necessary arrangements. Until then…behave yourself!


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