The Dice Roll

This is a seven day challenge of the dice I rolled earlier for each day. Each roll is added by two

Day one is four. Four plus four edges are required through the day; eight edges.

Day two is twelve. Twelve plus twelve; twenty-four edges

Day three is six. Six plus six; twelve edges.

Day four is five. Five plus five; ten edges.

Day five is five again. Five plus five; ten edges.

Day six is ten. Ten plus ten; twenty edges

Day seven is twelve. Twelve plus twelve; twenty-four edges

Edging Instructions

Instructions for edging: Each day a different stroke style is used. Corkscrewing, fast up and down jerk off fashion, thumb and index finger stroking, Jerking off on your knees with all styles used, setting a timer for one minute edging. I think visuals are important too. Gage your style by looking in a full length mirror. Make note of the amount of precum that drips down which will show how excited you are. If you feel compelled to continue to seven more days, by all means do. Do not listen to the recording until that time.

Edging with ice cubes in hand, edging with a butt plug inserted, edging with a condom on, edging with a string of pearls, edging with a silk scarf.

Use any of these combinations for more challenges. Use hard strokes and soft strokes instead of the old boring masturbating frenzy style. Be creative and leave comments in the comment section after this post on what you did. Listen to the recording to see if I allow you to cum. Did you win an orgasm? Click to see…


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