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Sometimes You Need A Strict Mistress

This is part six of my 6-part Mindfuck Meditation series February blog hop. This is a special series of masturbation trance audios designed to enhance your submission to me.

I know once you experience this meditation, you’ll need to devour the whole series. I have all the details about how to listen to all of them on my blog: Guided Meditation February Mindfuck. I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy part six, so here it is:

Mindfuck Meditation, Part 6:

Hungering for Mistress Piper is a sweet erotic torture. My hunger for Mistress Piper is service and sacrifice. Mistress Piper values me because what she wants for me is more important than my frivolous need to cum. Cumming is not important. Serving my Mistress is important.

Cumming robs me of my motivation to please. Cumming without permission is stealing from Mistress Piper. It’s important to obey Mistress Piper, especially when it is difficult to obey. When I am faithful to Mistress Piper, I prove my love for her.

Orgasms are a gift from my Mistress. When it is a special occasion, or when I deserve a reward, Mistress Piper allows me to cum. I do not decide when I cum. Cumming without permission makes me sad. I must always confess when I’ve cum without permission. I want to be a good servant to Mistress Piper, so I am always honest with her.

When I obey Mistress Piper, I feel intense joy. Obeying Mistress Piper makes me happier than cumming without permission. When I deny myself, I show Mistress Piper how important she is to me. I know Mistress Piper values orgasm denial.

Mistress Piper has made me happier than any other woman on earth. I owe Mistress Piper my orgasms. I owe Mistress Piper my fidelity. I am consumed with the desire to please Mistress Piper.

I will only cum when Mistress Piper allows it. I will always obey Mistress Piper.


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