Holiday Gooning Assignment

Mistress Brighton has a holiday gooning assignment for you. 1-800-601-6975

You don’t need to cum at all, it’s better for you to edge yourself stupid and complete this holiday gooning assignment for Goddess Brighton because I know that edging… feels better than cumming. I also know the more you edge, the more mindless and dumb you become, which is convenient for me in all the best ways. So this year, The Christmas Fairy is back, with some JEI and gooning therapy to help you stay mindless after I jingle your balls with Christmas CBT.

Gooning Junkie Assignment

Firstly, let’s talk about what gooning is and what gooning is not. Gooning is a form of orgasm edging phone sex. It’s the act of repeatedly edging your cock, prolonging your erection, and keeping yourself hard and horny while denying yourself an orgasm. What happens while gooning that is different from just edging is that you are basically in a continuous loop of edging and remaining aroused, that causes you to go into what I like to call, an erotic cock trance. You get so horny, and so blissed out from gooning, that your dick trances you, and it feels so good, that cumming would ruin that bliss.

So Good Gooning You Won’t Want to Cum

You could say that gooning masturbation is a form of erotic meditation. Gooning can also be used as an erotic trance induction for all you mind control kinksters. It’s guided masturbation for the soul that turns you into a mindless sock puppet for my amusement. You turn into a chronic masturbating stroke toy, and pretty soon, all you want to do is watch porn and stroke, just so you can get into that sweet spot where it feels good, but no cummies.

Why Would You Want to Goon?

Think of it like this, once you have the orgasm, it’s end game. You go back to living your blah life and doing your daily schpeel. After cumming the flood of hormones in your body shifts, and so does how you feel about whatever you just got off to. You go through a “let down” period, where you start questioning your life choices, and why you just let Mistress Brighton sodomize you with a carrot while you fucked a pudding cup. However, when you deny yourself the orgasm, and keep yourself edged, over time, you will become so horny that you reach that state of euphoria and arousal without orgasm. And also without any guilt. Which means I get to corrupt you while you’re none the wiser, and too busy being horny and overstimulated by your magical erection.

What Gooning Does to You

Simply put, it makes you addicted to stroking, and stroking, and stroking! Your whole life becomes waiting for your next goon session. You turn into a jerk off crack head junkie. And what does a junkie do? Why they look for their next fix! And remember I said you’d do anything for that next fix, including depraved acts of submission and degradation for Mistress. This is the very reason I tell those who ask why I am not a “nice” Domme. I don’t yell; I don’t scream, I enslave you by frying whatever functional brain cells you have left. So I bet you want to know now, how you can be Mistress Brighton’s gooner?

Your Gooning Assignment

The very first thing I want you to do is to deny yourself any orgasm for a minimum of three days. Then I want you to edge your ding dong for as long as you can, and as long as you can stand. If you need to, watch gooning masturbation videos while you stroke and edge and goon. While you’re edging, make a note of how it makes you feel and keep a journal of all the sensations you experience while traveling down the path of the soon to be chronic masturbator with an empty head. And the most important thing you must do is call me! 1-800-601-6975 is the number to reach your gooner Goddess! Just ask for Brighton.


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