Today, guys, we are going to discuss Orgasm Denial Methods. Aside from a sure-fire method: no to playing with My cock at all, which, let’s face it…… is not going to be happening. What fun is any of this for me, then? Make no mistake; there will be masturbation. Just not to orgasm. Realistically, you are going to have to put some time into training that joy stick, right? You are going to have to edge, edge and edge some more, but no cumming, so let’s look at some orgasm denial techniques!

Your Orgasm Response

Take your time, change it up. Learn about your orgasm response. Part of the fun of denying an orgasm is the build-up, right?

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial Methods
“this isn’t going to help matters 1.”

Of course, it is! It’s the only pleasure you’re getting for a while, so I suggest you enjoy it. It’s also very exciting for Mistress to know you are taking things very seriously and taking time with your orgasm denial training! Relaxed, with time on your hands begin. Use a different stroke and your non-dominate hand. No pictures, no porn, just your mind, and stroking! Revisiting our session, always in order. Using some of the strokes and techniques in session, as you concentrate on your arousal level and stopping according to your lesson plan.

Orgasm Denial Methods

Taking your time, understanding and identifying your arousal level is paramount. Next, you’ll be edging longer and longer and will need a quick cool down technique to stop that orgasm!

  • Flicking the tip with your forefinger, pinching and slapping are all ways to halt that orgasm train in its tracks! If you are not aroused by pain or find it too severely softening ‘things’ for your taste, then something a bit less dramatic may be in order.
  • Deep breaths and severely clamping down on your Kegels.
  • Practice keeping your pelvic muscles lax, don’t tense up at all.
  • Simply stop stroking and slapping your inner thigh, roughly.
  • Pinching sensitive areas of the scrotum, inner thigh works for some.

Practice Orgasm Denial

The key is to practice and see what works best for you. Males are not typically able to go very far on their own. You’re selfish and will always give in and go for that O, won’t you? Mistress has many ways she can teach you, and enjoy your orgasm denial journey along with you.

Keep Stroking

This really isn’t helping either, 2
“Keep stroking, no orgasm!”


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