Ms. Delia’s Stroke And Stop GameIt’s Like Red Light, Green Light

When you were younger, did you ever play Red Light, Green Light? You’d all line up some distance away from whomever was in charge and start walking toward them, and they’d say “Red Light”, and you’d stop…then “Green Light” and you could go again? Well, this stroking game is like that, but instead of moving, you’re going to stroke. And we’re going to use a random number generator to figure out when you start and stop. So Google one of those, and set up one generator for 1 – 50, one for 1 or 2, and another for 1 – 10.

Start Stroking

Let’s get some numbers. The first number is how many strokes. Go ahead and stroke your throbbing cock that many times. If you get 20, it’s 20 strokes. If you get 50, it’s 50 strokes. The second is whether you’re going to wait seconds or minutes after you’ve completed your strokes. A 1 means seconds, a 2 means minutes. That last number? That’s how long you’re going to rest between strokes. So, if the second number is a 2, and the third is a 10, you wait 10 minutes until you can roll and stroke again.

Oh, You Want to Know If You Can Cum?

This is a masturbation marathon, so you must stroke like this for at least an hour. Stroke, rest, repeat. Whether you get to cum or not all depends on what you roll after your stroking. Now, you can elect to stroke for longer, but once you decide you’re rolling for your orgasm, that’s it. Roll that first generator – that’s how many strokes you get to cum. Now, if I were you, I’d wait until you’re right on the edge, you got a short rest, and you actually think you might be able to shoot that load with just one stroke. Good luck, slut!

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