ruined orgasm

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I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for me to let you cum, after being denied orgasm for so long. And I have decided that yes, I am going to let you stroke that cock for me, and I might even let you release. But if I do, you’re going to ruin that orgasm for me. Because a ruined orgasm is the only way I’m going to allow you to squirt.

Ruined Orgasm – Can’t Get No Satisfaction

That’s right, subbie slut, you won’t enjoy those dribbles when I ruin your orgasm. At least it will give you a little bit of relief from the blue balls you’ve been suffering from, while keeping you obedient and compliant with my will. The only thing that matters is that I am happy. And I really don’t care if you ever cum again, but I enjoy seeing the frustration in your face when you get right to the edge, and you hear me say, “Ruin that orgasm!”

Reduced To Dribbles

I do get a kick out of making you dribble all over yourself, knowing that with a ruined orgasm, you’ll be willing to do anything to get the opportunity to experience a real orgasm. But do you really think you’ll ever deserve to cum for me? Personally, I think it’s more fun to make you beg, lock you in chastity and make you do every depraved, humiliating thing I tell you to, with no promise of release. Why? Because I can, and I will frequently deny you. Maybe even forever.

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