It’s the most wonderful time for tease and delay! What better way to take care of yourself in the cool, chilly month of December then pushing your pleasure limit more and more. The heat the builds up in your body as you start to pant, the urge to surrender to your orgasm becoming almost impossible to fight. However for a lot of people self-control is the part that is hardest to over come. Which is why guidance from an educated and experience mistress is my gift to you avid masturbators this year.

Preparing To Go The Distance

So I have three routes that you can take one may work better then the others for you. Remember I’m talking about tease and delay, not absolute denial. After all it’s the season of giving so I’m willing to give a yes, but it has to be earned. The first method to preparing to push your edging further then you ever had before would be handing all control over to a mistress. Be truthful from the start about the most edges you have ever been able to achieve in the past, and if you have a goal state it. If you don’t then the mistress will make one for you but more then likely keep it a secret. After all the anticipation can be exciting! You’ll have edging sessions and tasks but will be forbidden to cum until you get the magical yes. Now this is can be over a period of days or even weeks of constant tease and denial but you will at least one someone holding your hand so to speak.

The second option is more fit for the quick-cummers that ones that struggle to get pass three edges if any. This is can be done on your own or with a mistress of course. It involves a lot of stop and go. Give yourself only two minutes of stroking, then two minutes of rest over hours. If your super sensitive I suggest going minute by minute. During your rest you will still need to be stimulated. By either a tease mistress like myself or alternatively watching your favorite genre of porn.

Finally my third recommendation is one that requires some prep and consideration but done in one session. This one you do with a mistress but you must prepare ahead of time. So you can let your cock controller know what ways to drive you absolutely wild during a tease and delay session. Give her the knowledge of your normal masturbation routine, and be honest with how experienced you are with edging. Answer any questions she may ask ahead of time with honesty. With this knowledge she will be able to craft a fun tease and delay session for you that will lead to an explosive orgasm!

My Tease And Delay Style

Of course I’m going to showcase my preferred method. I do love all the ideas above, however I do prefer option three. Having an arsenal of information about what gets you hot and bothered let’s me prepare some of my best work. Also I feel tease and delay or tease and denial work really well once there is some familiarity established instead jumping right in. This way awkwardness can be completely bypassed, the only thing I require is everything I mentioned above. Be honest, and answer my questions I may not use all the data I collect from your horny stroker-mind but it all will be put to good use I promise!

In conclusion I just want to say edging is a form of self-love. So always do what you prefer but don’t forget the power that tease and delay can give to your ultimate satisfaction. So it truly can be the best gift!


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