supervised masturbation with Princess AndiYou may be reading this and doubting you need supervised masturbation. I am here to tell you to think about your sex life. Think about your masturbation habits. Are you less than satisfied with either? Do you cum quick? Is your masturbation just mechanical and quick to get it done and over with? Then you need me for supervised masturbation guidance.


The first step in Supervised Masturbation


You have to agree to give up control of that cock to me. That means I am in cock control mode. Of course, you will have to agree to listen attentively and work closely with me on everything I instruct you to do. I will not grant you permission to stroke that cock alone. You must wait until I give you permission to stroke. You will learn to edge that cock and ride that edge of orgasm under my guidance. Once you have agreed to this, we can begin your supervised masturbation journey.

The second step in Masturbation Control


This will not go over well, but you may not cum. You need to go for at least one week with no orgasms. For me to truly be able to help you with your stamina and teach you how guided masturbation can take your orgasms to a new level, this must be done. Although you may not orgasm, I want you to spend time each day during this week watching porn or whatever typically gets you worked up. Might I suggest listening to this erotic audio I created titled “Princess Andi gives you a hand job” Listen to it daily and imagine it is your cock making those delicious noises in my hand. Resist the urge to jerk and cum trust it will be worth it.

Your supervised masturbation instructions


Now that you have followed my directions, it is time for some masturbation instructions. You are to repeat the following stroking techniques 3 times daily For the next 3 days.

  • Windshield Take your dick in your hand and rub it against your forearm just like the name suggests, back and forth back and forth. Do this until you are hard and ready for a new stroking technique.
  • Cheater: This is fun; use the hand you usually don’t stroke with. This is fun, frustrating, and sometimes not as easy as you might think.
  • 5-Finger Blow Job Use your hand like a mouth with your fingertips pointing down towards your balls, and the head of your cock is against the palm of your hand. Pull up and down, treating your hand like a mouth. Of course, this is nothing like the blow jobs I would give, but it is a fun way for me to control that cock and that orgasm.
  • Wringer This one, you will need to use both hands. Wrap each hand on that cock fist over fist and make the motion of wringing out a towel with each hand going in the opposite direction. Be cautious. This one may bring you too close to the edge.
  • Hand Pussy, this jerk-off technique is one of my all-time favorites. First, lube up that cock, place your hands together, interlock those fingers, and make just enough room between your palms to stick that dick into. Now Squeeze tight and use those hips and fuck that Hand Pussy.


Supervised Orgasm


Since you have agreed to give me control of that cock. As well as abstaining from having an orgasm for a week. Followed my supervised stroking techniques and are aching to have an orgasm. By Now, you realize you need a masturbation manager. This is where it gets entertaining for me because now that I have supervised your masturbation, I get to supervise your orgasm. The question is will I let you have one?

Listen to the audio and find out.

Supervised Masturbation Instructions

by Ms. Andi |

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