As much as I love hearing you beg and plead for permission to cum, I love being able to tell you ‘no’ even more. Add in a sure-fire way to enforce that ‘no’ and I’m a very happy Mistress indeed! I think that you should be in chastity to your Mistress at all times, only allowed out for some supervised masturbation time, and your orgasms strictly restricted and controlled. Don’t you agree? You do need to be controlled and having someone tell you with surety and strength that you don’t get to cum yet definitely sends a thrill up your spine, so it’s time for you to ask yourself the next question. Are you ready to become a chastity slave?

The fun of tease and delay games is in the delay.

chastity slave for Mistress HarperYou know all about edging and delay games, how putting off for as long as you can that inevitable messy orgasm can make said orgasm ten times better. You know this, you love it, you play edging games as often as you can. But what if I told you there was a way to take those edging games up a level, to really make your eyes roll back and your dick jump like dropped fire hose? What if I told you I could make your orgasm a thousand times better? You’d be interested, wouldn’t you? Of course, you are, you’re still here, still reading, and probably squirming in your seat thinking about touching yourself. Hold off on that thought, wait ’til the end, and then see if you want to just jerk off or if you’re ready to take your sex life to the next level as a chastity slave.

The longer you put off your orgasm, the better it feels when you finally do get to cum.

Picture some sleepy morning, and you’re playing with your dick, got a few edges in already, and then you realize you’re late for a meeting. So you jump up and tuck yourself away and off you go to meetings and work and lunch and more meetings, and it’s pretty late at night before you finally get to go back to what you were doing. That orgasm is going to feel so good, isn’t it? You’re going to cum your brains out as soon as you get the chance. And that’s a fun idea, as far as it goes. But, imagine this scenario:

Chastity Slave for HarperYour Mistress unlocks your cage, and your cock rises instantly, hard and already dripping pre-cum. She laughs a little and says “you’re an eager one today, aren’t you? Go ahead and edge for me, like a good boy, but don’t cum yet.” You obediently begin to touch, to stroke up and down your hard shaft, and it feels like fireworks inside your head. So good, and you’re already there, ready to cum, if only she tells you that you can. You beg “may I cum?! Please, please, I need it.” and she just smiles and shakes her head. “No, stay on edge for me, right there, that’s my good boy.” For ages, eons, entire lifespans of stars pass, and you’re still on edge, still so close, and the sounds you’re making aren’t human anymore, just pleading and whimpering. “It’s time,” she says, and you see a bowl of ice water waiting. Time to go back to the cage, to wait for the next month, where you might finally get to cum, if you’re very good, and very obedient, and very polite.

Chastity lets you put off the orgasm for as long as your Mistress demands.

How long can you last without getting to cum? A single solitary sad day? How about a week? Can you last for a whole month, or will you need to nut before then? If you give control over your cock and orgasms to your Mistress, you don’t have to worry about self-control, or the failure of your self control for that matter. You’re not in charge of if or when you finally cum, your Mistress is. The life of a chastity slave is a very simple one, because one of your major preoccupations has been taken off the table entirely. You’re finally free to explore your hobbies, to get very good at cooking, to learn how to clean really efficiently, and to become the perfect submissive for your Mistress.

Are you ready to become a chastity slave?

Be honest with yourself, because the life of a chastity slave may not be for you. If you’re too addicted to touching yourself, to masturbation, and especially to just jizzing whenever you feel like it, you may not make it as a chastity pet. I’m being honest with you here, and want you to set yourself up to succeed, so if you’re not slave material, that’s ok, just be honest about your goals and motivations. A real chastity slave is hard to find, but the ones who really thrive under total control and denial will love chastity and being locked in a chastity cage. Maybe you’d like to try it for a week, to see if you can handle it, or to option for a longer span if you’re still having fun after a week in chastity. The fastest way to find out if you’re ready to become a real chastity slave is to try it and find out. Give me a call, we’ll set up a regimen and chastity training and get you ready for a life locked up and totally free of orgasms. I’ll get you to where you won’t even think to ask “May I Cum?” ever again!

Your Chastity Slave Mistress, Harper


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