It’s time for you to edge for Mistress.

No, I didn’t say you could cum yet, slut. I said edge for Mistress! That means I expect you to play with yourself until you are so close to orgasm that one little extra touch would be enough to send you over. And then, I want you to stop. Full stop, do not pass ‘Go,’ do not squirt all over yourself. Edge for me, and then wait.

Why would I want you to edge?

edge for mistress 800 601 7259Because it makes for better sex in general, obviously. But also, because it’ll make you a better person. Learning to wait for things, to put your own pleasure on hold, even if only for five freaking minutes, will help you learn self-control in other areas of your life. It’s been proven that learning self-control in one arena means you’ll be better at it in another. Learn to edge for Mistress, and you’ll discover that you can wait for other things too. Long line at the coffee shop? No problem, you’re good at waiting. Delay getting to the proper gate at the airport? No temper tantrum for you, you’re a pro at slowing down and delaying gratification. Just think of all the things that frustrate you now, because they take too long. Now edge for Mistress.

You see, I think sexy games can be used to train you and help you become a better person.

I bet you didn’t realize that when you play with your dick, you’re actually teaching yourself to be a better human being. But it’s true! And soon, you’ll be so Zen about delays and setbacks that your coworkers will wonder what happened to you. How did you find so much patience, how did you learn to wait and delay the good things in life? Will you tell them your Mistress trained you? Will you admit that you love to edge for Mistress, and it’s taught you so many good things?

Do you want to cum for me?

Edge for Mistress. But don’t cum. You need more practice in waiting.

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