One of the best things in the whole world is having a naked and desperate man begging for permission to cum. I cannot overstate to you exactly how much I love reducing you down to nothing more than a primal and sloppy simp, gasping out breathless pleas for permission to end your own torment. You already know, of course, that since I love having you on the edge before me so very much that I’m highly unlikely to give you that permission. But you won’t let the likelihood of your failure stop you from begging and pleading, now will you? Of course not. Strip and stroke, nude and exposed, begging to cum, my little CFNM exhibitionism slut.

Mistress Harper will let you strip; CFNM Exhibitionism is fun! 800 601 7259Of course I’m not going to be joining you in your little CFNM exhibitionism display.

The name of this game is “debauch the naked man”, not “provide him with eye candy while he drools”! You strip down, completely nude and yes that means take the socks off too, while I remain fully clothed. Clothed female, naked male, and you will be hard and dripping in pre-cum as well if I have any say over the matter. You are my entertainment, so I want a good show from you. Take your time and make it a show for me, taking off your clothes, layer by layer, revealing your desire with every garment dropped to the floor. I know you’re an exhibitionist slut, so by the time you’re fully nude, I expect you to also be fully hard. And, yes, already ready to beg for release.

Exposed and turned on, but are you really on the edge of cumming?

I’ve often found that eager strokers love to start begging to cum even before they’re fully hard. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love the begging! However I’d prefer if you could manage to actually be on edge while you’re begging for permission to cum for me. For our little exposure game, I want to ensure that you’re actually a hair’s breadth away from orgasm at all times, so we’re going to do a few things to ensure your ultimate desire and need to orgasm. We’ll start by having you stroke on a nice steady pace for at least five minutes, though longer spans are absolutely better! Like a metronome, stroke up and down, and keep good time for me. If needed, I can and will set up my metronome for you, so you can see the pace I expect you to keep. One hundred and twenty beats per minute seems to work well for most slut simp strokers, or two strokes per second. Fast enough to get you interested, but not so quick that you’ll pre-ejaculate all over yourself. Once you start dripping gallons of pre-cum, we’ll know you’re in the right pace and headspace to properly beg.

Can you stroke your way through an edge without orgasming?

I think that you can stroke yourself through an edge, while maintaining complete control over that cock and not finishing yourself off. Orgasm has a strong mental component, and I know you’re enjoying stroking, and being so terribly exposed for me. So let’s keep that up, and don’t you dare let yourself off the hook. Knees nice and wide, thighs apart, leaning back slightly so I can have an unobstructed view of your hand on your cock. Stroking to the pace I’ve set, through edge after edge, with a puddle swiftly growing between your knees. That’s such a lovely picture you make, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I snapped a few quick shots, would you? A little souvenir to keep, so I can look back on this time spent with you. Keep stroking, and begging, and do not cum. Not yet, anyway.

Are you ready to show me how eager you are?

It’s obvious that you’re absolutely eager to show off what you’ve got for me. Can you rise to my challenge? Will you be able to both maintain the rigorous stroking pace that I expect from you and also edge repeatedly without cumming or having a ruined orgasm? I can’t wait to find out what sort of a pretty show you’re going to give me. On your knees, exposed like the CFNM exhibitionist that you are, while you whimper and plead for permission to cum. “May I cum, Mistress? Please?!”

Should I let you cum, or will I be greedy and leave you like this…

Your CFNM Voyeur Mistress, Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169



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