orgasm denial, orgasm controlWait! Whose Orgasm Is It?!

First of all, do not make the mistake of calling it your orgasm. When you put the fate of your stroking in my hands and orgasm denial is on the table, it isn’t your orgasm; it’s mine – and I shall decide when and if it happens IF it happens at all.

After all, it does stand to reason that if you’re stroking per my wishes, the result will also be determined by my wishes. My cock. My orgasm. Got it? Good.

“You Decide, Mistress”

The best advice I can give you is to think very carefully before you utter these words to me. When you decide to take that particular plunge, let the games begin! Just know that in this game of chance, I am the dealer and the game is fixed. Since I’m the fixer of your guided hand-fucking, I’ll see if I think you deserve to win a blast of cum all over yourself or a case of the blue balls and orgasm denial!

The best thing you can do then is hope that Mistress here is in a good mood. If I am, MAYBE you’ll get lucky and be ordered to blow your wad after I tease you mercilessly.

Then again, even a good mood can lead to your orgasm denial! You just never know.

I take that back. There IS ONE thing you’ll know, and that’s the fact that it was you who asked me to guide your masturbation and make an orgasmic judgment call.

Orgasm Denial Means…

NO orgasm. Period. Full stop. No. Orgasm. For. You.

I may be a calm and sensual Mistress, but I have no problem vetoing the prospect of your release and saying “no” to you. There’s no tease and delay, no maybes, no negotiating, no compromising. Think of the decision as being set in stone – and accept the fact that your cock is going to remain hard like stone.

…And by the way, don’t even think that pleading, whining, groveling, making promises or even crying is going to make me budge. I may tease your cock even more ferociously, but as for a possible orgasm? Ah… No. Orgasm denied!!

Once you’ve chosen the denial game, the wheel is spinning, and the time for placing your masturbatory bets has ended. You can’t win. It’s not going to happen. Get over it!

Denial Decisions, Decisions

So what’s it gonna be, stroker boy? Do you want to try your luck and play the odds or do you want the certainty of knowing outright that you have no chance at all of hitting the ejaculatory jackpot? Tease, and orgasm denial OR tease and orgasm possibility? Potentially aching balls OR aching balls?

You really should ask yourself these questions before you come to me because I’ll happily answer them for you…

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