And I Find Pleasure in Punishing YouMs. Cindy wants you locked in chastity!

I threw away the key a long time ago. Why do you ask? I had to…you essentially left me no choice in the matter. You’ve been cock locked for quite some time now and I am hoping this finally teaches you the lesson that I will not permit you to touch yourself anytime you feel like it. Thankfully you haven’t needed to fly anywhere lest you trigger all kinds of alarms when you get screened. Now, how embarrassing would that be?

Locking your penis in a cage was the prelude to enforced male chastity. I have known a lot of men in my time and known even more perverts than I care to count, but I never met someone like yourself. You have the stamina of a Marine and the horniness of a sailor at sea. You just cannot seem to keep your greedy hands off your penis. Desperate times called for desperate measures and that is why you are in the position you’re currently in. It’s a matter of your doing not mine, so please stop blaming me….it is uncalled for and unbecoming of someone like yourself.


Cure for Chronic Masturbation

If memory serves correct, your feminization began when you so boldly exposed what appeared to be a penis. Awe…how humiliating this must have been for you. Some guys get caught with their hand in the cookie jar…you got caught with your dick in your hand. We thought dressing you in a dress and bulky grandma panties would teach you to not pull it out, but it didn’t. In fact, in hindsight, it made the situation even worse. Your masturbation became a case of “chronic masturbatitis” and you just couldn’t stop.

This is why I ordered the standard undergarment of a purple and white lace trim panty for you to wear under your man clothes. We figured you would get so horny you would just burn out…but again, it just made you hornier. You looked so doltish I had to do something…so this is where we are…you’re cock locked and I am out of ideas as to how to help you.

If you know what we should do next to help straighten you out, I would like to hear from you. Until then, I hope you enjoy having your penis behind bars like an untamed wild animal.

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