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Oops, did I flash my panties?

I’m going to be upfront with you: I love to deny your orgasm. There’s nothing on earth like the feeling of telling a man no after he’s spent so much time edging and begging to cum!

Even I have to agree, however, that constant denial isn’t a good play in the long term. If you give up hope of ever cumming, then you will get used to denial. You might even hit a comfortable stride. You might even (gasp!) stop begging and pleading to cum!

But after all this time I’ve spent mercilessly toying with you, I can’t just shrug my shoulders and just let you cum. What’s the fun in that? I think it’s so much more fun to leave it up to chance when you finally get to shoot your wad.

So how about a little dice orgasm denial game that is sure to keep you edged, horny, and ready to explode until you finally get to cum?

The game is simple: you roll a pair of dice, and you edge the number of times that come (cum?) up on the dice. You can cum on the third day of playing the game–as long as you’ve had three consecutive days of even or odd numbered edges.

For instance, on the first day you roll a total of 3 (odd), on the second day you roll a total of 9 (odd again, yay!) but on the third day, you roll a total of 10 (even–damn!). Too bad, you start the next day again. You will continue this way until you have three consecutive days of even or odd–make sense? And NO CHEATING!!!

I think that’s fair, and a very generous offer, don’t you? After all, I was just going to keep your cock dripping and orgasm denied forever, but at least this way you have a chance to cum! You’re welcome!

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