Hello, Orgasm Denial fans. I had an interesting conversation recently, and I thought it would make a great post. For many who visit this blog, you might think the title of this post is a “no-brainer.” But evidently, it isn’t. The two get intermingled and confused. Far be it for me to allow such an atrocity to continue without trying to correct it.

Orgasm Denial

Is just that. No Orgasm. This means, strokers, you get to masturbate your penis! Guided masturbation and orgasm edging is on the menu for orgasm denial training. It’s what makes it hot for me revving you up, denying orgasm, denying YOUR orgasm. Knowing it is at my behest that you deny yourself an orgasm. Hearing and yes sometimes SEEING how utterly aroused and longing for orgasm you’ve become is an excellent time for me as well.

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial is Not Chastity.

Reasons for Orgasm Denial

There can be a multitude of reasons why you and your Mistress embark on orgasm denial. Some of the more common reason is:

Submissive Training– Taking away your ability to orgasm whenever and however is humbling. It also exercises and strengthens your submissive nature and your bond with Mistress.
Premature Ejaculation– Take away the Femdom element, training your brain and your body to perform, and last long enough, for your partner to have satisfaction is a fantastic benefit of Orgasm Denial training!
Natural High- With our human tendencies for altered states of consciousness, it’s no wonder illicit drug use is seemingly at an all-time epidemic. That’s why natural highs are something I’m always an advocate of. Denying orgasm, and particularly paired with edging can result in a delightful euphoric feeling for the male.


Everyone seems to have their interpretation of chastity, and what being chaste actually “Looks like” in practice. I think because the definition of chastity is based on “customary belief of a culture or religion.” So if you belonged to the church of Erika, touching your sexual organs wouldn’t be taboo or frowned upon, so being chaste COULD include touching/stimulation if Goddess allows. But not all cultures and religions do, and touching of sexual organs for pleasure isn’t something they want you doing. See how it gets mucky?

Therefore, let me clarify what chastity is to me and what it would mean if I were to lead you in chastity.

Chastity: No touching of your genitals for sexual stimulation for the period I decide. How long will you be in chastity? I guess that can be part of our negotiations. Every male is different, how long you can endure chastity is yet to be seen. And so is every motivation. You are allowed brief periods of contact for hygiene and elimination. Period. Yes, using a chastity device is often called for. I like to keep things simple.

There are tremendous benefits from being in chastity as well, and it’s not without pleasures either! You might be surprised that I say that or think I’ve lost my last nut. Most men can’t comprehend erotic pleasures, feelings, which don’t involve their penis. I’ll have to leave that discussion for another day.

So what’s it gonna be? Orgasm Denial or Chastity? Oh. How about BOTH! I know you want to be a play toy for an intelligent, sexy woman. I just happen to be looking for that toy.

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