My favorite way to make you cum is very, very simple.

I love giving you the world’s best orgasm. I want to watch your eyes while I tease you, and see the realization dawn in your face, as I deliver the fatal words. I know that what you want more than anything else is to make me happy simply, and this is what makes me happy: your denied orgasm is the best sort of orgasm. I know, delayed gratification isn’t very fun for most things, but that’s just the selfish, greedy part of you talking. The part of you that doesn’t want to wait and hates surprises and is greedy, greedy, greedy. That part of you isn’t in control right now, though, is it?

Here’s why a denied orgasm is the best.

denied orgasm 800 356 6169Your denied orgasm is my favorite kind because it makes me feel powerful, in control, and unutterably sexy. I know I turn you on, and I know you want to belong to me, but do you really want to do anything to make me happy? Would you put my wants above your own, would you agree to something torturous just to see me smile? Would you hold back and hold back, and shake with the need to let go but stay, here, just like this, so utterly turned on and needy and denied?

I think you would stay like this, denied and aching, just for me.

I know you would, in fact. I know that you need to submit to my will, to do as pleases me best. I know that when you whine and moan and beg for release, you’ll go still and silent under my hand, and when I whisper in your ear ‘no, not yet,’ you’ll sag and whine, and then submit. You’ll agree to my restrictions, and you’ll suffer gloriously for me. Because someday I might just finally agree to let you cum for me. But not right now. Right now, I’ll leave you aching for your denied orgasm.

Denied Orgasm

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