Would you like to know what it takes to get locked in chastity for me?

It’s very simple. You can wind up locked in chastity on just a simple whim, no more and no less. Sometimes I just get tired of dealing with your constant demands for attention and sex, so I’ll break out the CB6000 and take myself a vacation. Whether you’ve annoyed me into locking you up or you actually, literally asked for it, when I lock you in chastity is a decision that is totally and utterly mine.

locked in chastity for Harper 800 356 6169Let’s be clear here. You’ll be locked in chastity when I decide it’s time.

The control is all mine here, from when you get locked up to when I let you out to clean yourself, and even when I let you orgasm. That thing between your legs belongs to me, and I get to control everything about it. That’s my penis, my balls, and most of all, my orgasm. You don’t get to decide when you stroke, or how long, or even whether or not you get to have a full orgasm! Even if you’re not locked in chastity, I still control that cock.Mistress Harper will lock you in a chastity device. (800)356-6169 chastity training

I like having you locked in chastity.

It’s a solid, physical reminder for you that I own you and your cock. Every step you take you’ll feel the device clamped on to you, holding that cock flaccid for me. When you’re locked in chastity there’s no escaping the reality of your position; you can’t pretend that you’re in control at all! And furthermore, every second you spend not locked up will be spent wondering when I’m going to lock you back up! Delicious.

If you’d like to be locked in chastity, I’m now accepting applications. 

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