Ms. Constance

Ms. Constance

Hello, my compulsive cock stroker! Today is your lucky day.  I’m in the mood to let you stroke for me! Go ahead, thank me now, pet, say “Thank you, Ms. Constance, for letting me play with myself.”

So let’s see what you’ve got for me. Go ahead and drop those pants of yours for me. Oh my, aren’t we looking weak and desperate for some jerk-off time. You’re not fully hard yet, but don’t worry, I have just the project for that cock of yours.

Get Comfy, Horny Stroker Boy

First thing I want you to do is get settled down in a comfortable place. I don’t want anything to be in the way when we get down to business. Now, when you are ready, with your right hand, I want you to take your cock and hold it with just the top half of your thumb and fingers.… don’t grip it full yet, just tease it with strokes from your fingertips and work that erection up for me. Let your fingers softly feel the shaft, slowly applying more pressure as your dick gets harder….. When it’s fully erect and ready, I want you to tell me, to ask out loud, if you may please continue. Say it. Say “Constance, please let me continuing touching myself.”

Of course you can…(smiles)

Now Stroke for Me

Next… I want you to wrap your hand around your cock, tightly. Take hold just barely below the head, so that with each stroke your hand will brush against the rim as your index finger and thumb move up to meet it.

Now look at me. I want you to start stroking that hard cock all for me, and I want you to say out loud that I am the one you are doing it for. I want to hear you say your erection is all mine, and that only I can fulfill its need, and that you love me being such a cock tease!

Now… stroke that shaft good and hard. I want some firm, tight strokes at a steady rhythm. Just let yourself go and run with it… enjoy yourself… show me how much you love jerking off for me. Don’t think about anything at all but me and the orgasm I’m letting build inside.

Do You Want to Cum? 

When you feel yourself just about ready to cum, I want you to let go of your cock and let it just throb there alone. I then want you to close your eyes and very slowly whisper “Please Constance,” 10 times, letting your cock gently soften as you do. When you hit 10, you are to immediately take hold of your cock firmly again and quickly stroke it back to full life. I want you to do this cycle twice more… build yourself up to the edge then stop, close your eyes and slowly whisper “Please Constance,” 10 times, then click below.



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