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I often post a public stroking assignment on my personal blog, Experienced Mistress. Masturbation instructions will include a request for your feedback. I want to know your reaction. This makes the next assignment even more wicked! If you’re new to edging, cock control or orgasm management then be prepared to have a totally new experience of your masturbation. My voice adds to your sensations as you can hear in this stroking audio. Cockteasing is wicked fun for me and delightful torment for you. Check out this comment from someone who gets my tease and denial instructions. He writes:

“It is the morning after the day that I edged for You using the lidocaine cream. I only now am feeling somewhat normal again (somewhat only since I am still on the edge of losing control and running into the bathroom to masturbate to completion).

Chastity without a chastity cage…

Cock control needs to fit into your life. This pet can’t wear a chastity cage at home but he still wants to be denied by Mistress. I have a solution for that. Lidocaine cream makes you lose your hardon but not your feeling of sexual frustration. You want to cum and yet, you want to please your Mistress. That’s exactly what I want from you.

“The only thing that is stopping me from cumming is the stronger desire to please You and have a full load and be intensely horny for our session. I so badly want You to be delighted at my suffering and my predicament. I am hard right now just thinking about being completely exposed to You and having no control over anything whatsoever. Yes… I am THAT horny. My heart is pounding in my chest just writing all this and I have a full day of chores yet to do….OMG!”

Cock teasing and delightful suffering…

All this sounds like a contradiction — but really it’s not. I’m a cock tease, you love to be teased by a beautiful woman. I smile and you leak precum! Sounds like a win-win for us both, doesn’t it?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia


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