Ms. Lilly’s Long, Slow Chastity TeaseHow Long Will It Take You To Cum?

You strokers always ask the same question “May I Cum?” Here’s your answer, right up front, with no games. You may cum, my pet slut, but it’s going to be by my rules and how I say. I guarantee you, this is going to take some time. It could be days…weeks…or even months. That’s why I call it Ms. Lilly’s Long, Slow Chastity Tease.

One Stroke At A Time

It’s a very simple tease. Today is day one. You get one, long, very slow stroke up and down your hard throbbing cock. That’s it. Just one. If you can cum with one slow stroke…well, I don’t know whether to be impressed or disappointed. I’m going to guess you won’t get off with only one stroke. I mean you’re not a One Pump Chump, are you? Tomorrow, on day two, you can stroke twice. And on day three, three times. Every day, you have permission to cum, and every day, you’ll add one more long, slow stroke.

How Long Will It Take

I wonder how long it will take? With long, slow strokes, it might take 60, 100, 200 strokes to give you enough stimulation to edge and actually shoot that load. Can you stand 2 months, 3 months, maybe even 6 months of chastity, of keeping that cum pent up in your churning, blue balls? I’ll give you a chance to cum sooner. You can always call your Femdom Phone Mistress for a long teasing session. Oh, I won’t let you cum during it, I’ll keep you denied, but maybe you can do your long, slow stroking tease after we’re done. You might just be worked up enough to orgasm with 5 or less strokes!

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