Goddess Lilly

Are you a foot slut?

Oh, I know that you are. Lying on the floor, being right next to my sexy feet, encased in silky hose makes you all hot and bothered, doesn’t it? I like having you kneel before me, while I sit upon my throne, my legs crossed and stiletto heeled shoe dangling off my foot as I swing it back and forth. Well, this assignment is for you my foot slave. So get a pair of black stiletto heeled pumps and a pair of silky stockings.

Stroke While You Worship

Get naked for me, then kneel on the floor. Take those shoes, and put them on top of a low table – a sort of altar if you will, because you will be worshipping them. Begin stroking your hard, throbbing cock, while you lean down and start to kiss and lick one of those shoes. Imagine if my beautiful and sexy feet were inside of them. Keep worshiping that shoe until you get to an edge – then switch to the other shoe and edge again.

Think I’m going to let you cum?

Oh, not yet, shoe slut. No, now I want you to lie down on your back, keep stroking that needy, sensitive cock…while you suck on the heel of one shoe. Imagine I am standing above you, sliding that heel in and out of your mouth like a short, thin cock (remind you of anything, pindick?). Once you’ve edged, you can switch to the other shoe until you edge again.

Did you remember the stockings?

I’ll bet you thought I forgot about them, didn’t you? Put a stocking over your hand, and start stroking that cock again, rubbing that silky material all over your throbbing shaft. This time you can cum – all over that hosiery. Now, be a good foot slave and lick it all clean!

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