Advanced Denial Training

Cecilia's advanced denial trainingHave you heard of our advanced orgasm denial training? No? Or maybe you participated a while back and you need to be brought back into our training system.

The reason that I have chosen to be a part of the Advanced Orgasm Denial Training is because I feel it is like working out. But a work out for your cock, your mind and even your strength in spirit to hang in! A few times a week, I go to yoga, and I get in touch with where different parts of my body need work and in addition, I do get in touch with my sexuality in terms of flexibility, and sensuality of the movements.

But what does that mean for you and your cock? It means a lot! By denying yourself frequent orgasms, you go through a personal erotic journey and even better, you are doing it with a Mistress – either on on one, or, many of them! To be denied and to wonder when your next orgasm is going to occur is a mind blowing experience. Plus, when you finally do achieve orgasm, it will be the best orgasm you have ever had.

I have had many trainees over my time at LDW, and many have returned to experience it time and time again. What is involved in the Advanced Orgasm Denial Training involves you choosing a single Mistress in our program, or, choosing several to put you through your paces. Daily assignments are given, as well as telephone sessions (there are different levels of time you can choose broken down into 30 mins, 1 hour and 90 minutes of weekly telephone training).  You can even choose to post your experience in your own forum on our Cock Control boards.

The bottom line is – you will NOT be allowed release until your Head Mistress approves it, and you are to complete all your assignments in a timely manner. Your assignments can vary depending on your own fetishes/ turn-ons and will be completely customizable.

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School is almost in session at Cock Control, be sure to get your tuition in and get your cock trained!