Do you like games? I do and I have a brand-new orgasm edging game for you. I’m calling it a “game” instead of an “assignment” because the word “game” seems to imply the combination of skill and chance. I like that the results are a surprise for us both.

For this game, you’ll need nothing but your hands, a coin of any type, and perhaps some lube. No toys or any special equipment necessary! But given how long the edging will likely last, I definitely recommend grabbing some lube for your cock before getting started.orgasm edging games by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

How To Start This Orgasm Edging Game

You will be doing 15 edges in this game. Yes, 15. I’m telling you this up front so that you won’t tire yourself out stroking too enthusiastically at first and then not be able to finish the whole game. So of course, stroke like you mean it, but be sure to also conserve some energy for the home stretch, too.

So, yes, prepare yourself for 15 edges. For the first one, I want you to choose your favorite grip with which to stroke. We’ll call this your “anchor grip,” the one I want you to return to after you complete each orgasm edging task I give you.

Are you ready to stroke for me? In that case, lube yourself up nicely, and let’s get started!

Stroke First With Your Anchor Grip

orgasm edging games by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975To get to your first edge, use your anchor grip. I want you to simply stroke yourself until you’re unable to stroke anymore without cumming. Get right up to the edge for me and then stop. Don’t chicken out part of the way through. Make it as difficult for yourself as possible so the payoff is better at the end!

After you’ve completed edge number one, get your coin. You’re going to flip it for me, and based on what you get, I’ll tell you what you need to do next. If it lands on heads, I want you to stroke faster than you were doing earlier. If it lands on tails, I want you to stroke slower than you were. That’s it, that’s your next set of instructions. Use your anchor grip and simply edge yourself either more slowly or more quickly than you did the first time. Very easy, even when the lower head is doing most of the thinking!

Consider this orgasm edging game a do-it-yourself guided masturbation of sorts. If I’m not right there, whispering in your ear and giving you jerk-off instructions personally, then this is the next best thing.

Flip Your Coin To Get Your Edging Instructions

After you’ve edged yourself twice, I want you to return to your regular anchor grip at your regular speed for stroking for edge number three. For edge number four, you’ll flip your coin again. This time, for heads, I want you to turn your grip upside-down. For tails, I want you to give your balls a gentle fingertip massage with your other hand as you stroke. Then, for edge number five, return to your anchor grip.

We’re going to continue on in this way until you hit edge number 15. You’ll flip a coin, follow the orgasm edging instructions, and then return to your anchor grip for your next edge. Then, you can flip your coin again to receive your instructions, and so on.

For edge number six, if you get heads, I want you to loosen your grip on your cock. Stroke it the same way you otherwise would, just with a looser grip on it. If you get tails, slap your balls lightly while you stroke. For edge number seven, return to your anchor grip.

For edge number eight, for heads, I want you to tighten your grip this time. For tails, do some light tugging on your balls as you stroke. For edge number nine, return to your anchor grip. For edge number ten, for heads, use two hands to stroke instead of just one. For tails, use your index finger to rub the sensitive spot underneath the head with your opposite hand while you stroke the shaft.

You’re Two-Thirds Of The Way Through Your Masturbation Instructions Now!orgasm edging games by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Congratulations, you’re now two-thirds of the way through your orgasm edging masturbation instructions! For edges 11 through 15, I want you to repeat the instructions you’ve already been given. Use edge two–faster or slower–for number 11. Use edge four–upside-down grip or ball massage–for number 12. Use edge six–looser grip or ball slapping–for number 13. Use edge eight–tighter grip or ball tugging–for number 14. And finally, for edge 15, use number 10–two hands or rub the spot beneath the head.

And with the completion of edge number 15 click on this sexy audio that will give you the answer to what you’re now asking, Mistress may I cum? Find out. Then, we should chat so I can find out more about you and create personalized orgasm edging games that are sexy fun for us both!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

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