Well hello there! It’s so nice to meet you. Chances are, we never spoke before and this is your first time seeing my picture and listening to my sexy voice. You’re probably wondering who I am and what I am all about. Well, I specialize in erotic guided meditation. What is that, you say? It’s a way to get you into a trance and transform you and to bend you to my will. And right now, I’m focused on your cock. You see, I love to own and control cocks of all sizes. It’s all about cock control for me.

Erotic Trance and Cock Control

When you hear my voice, I’ll put you right into a trance and make you wonder why you didn’t turn over your cock to a woman in the first place. I know how seriously men take their cocks – whether they are 3 inches, or 12 inches. It’s so HARD to just hand this over to a woman like me. What will she do with it? Will she lock me up in chastity? Will she deny me?

What I offer is even better than that because I have a way of getting inside your head and doing my erotic trance on you. I’m more of a cerebral Mistress and this is how I get into your mind, heart but also – your cock. A man will give up their cock to a woman who knows what she is doing with it. I believe that you have to work for that orgasm.

A Bit About Mistress Liz

Now a bit about me – I am from New Orleans and I moved up to New York, and now I’m back in the south again. When you’re from the mysterious New Orleans, you learn about all kinds of spells and seduction and I do believe that New Orleans has had that effect on how I approach sexuality. New Orleans is sexy. If New Orleans were a woman, she’d be dark, sexy, mysterious but also a ton of fun.  I’m sweet, patient, but watch out – what could I be brewing up in the next room to make you mine?

I believe in spells, trance, and the power of a woman over a man. Men love powerful women, whether they admit this or not. And this is me. I also love cock control and I love to bake. Oh yes, I’m really a complicated woman. But this is what brings such depth and richness to my personality. One moment, I’m baking you a cake, and the next moment, I’ve got you on your knees begging me to cum and licking up the frosting that fell on my high heel. I’m also educated and love to dabble in art and take care of many, many plants in my house and garden. I’m a bit domesticated but don’t let that fool you. I’m also very wild.

May I Cum For You Mistress Liz?

Well I’m sure you can, but the bigger question is – will I let you? Since it’s our first time meeting, I could be nice and sweet and let you. Or maybe I should just make you wait and work for it. What will it be? I guess you need to read on, but also, click on that audio button to found out more.

Where Can I Find You, Mistress Liz?

You can primarily find me on voxerotic.com and on guidedpersuasion.com. If you want to click to call, just click the “Click to Call Now” button. My email is: guidedpersuasionliz@gmail.com and I’m guidedpersuasionliz1 on Skype. I do skype text sessions, or voice. Or simply call Me. Email me with any specific questions you might have.

Now – Am I going to let you cum or not by looking at my pictures?

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