Join Ms Riley for Strokeathon 2021 Strokeathon 2021 is here! You want permission to cum right? Well guess what you finally got it…but with conditions of course. Come on, you knew it was not going to be that easy. However you certainly can CUM, and we want you to. We want to tease you, until you can’t stop yourself as you compete to last the longest with others. There are plenty of prizes to go around even if you don’t win!

Strokeathon 2021 Details

First off you need to know there are 10 mistresses participating at this event. Each one of us have come up with hot, steamy instructions on how we want you to stroke for us. This event is held over Skype. The top three prizes are given out to those on cam, however we are having drawings for other prizes that everyone can win whether you are on cam or just listening in. Including free calls, free minutes, and audios!

The event is on September 18th at 6 PM EST, so you only have until the 15th to sign-up. To sign-up you will need to pay the $50 dollar fee, and have Skype access. The event itself will be 30 to 60 minutes long, if we somehow manage to have some last to the end with no clear winner there will be a INTENSE stroke-off showdown. However, I highly doubt you will be able to withstand all 10 of us teasing you. Sound fun? Sign-up here to join in on one of the hottest events this year!

Mistress, Can I Use Toys?

Of course! There are some restrictions however because this is a competition we have decided what is allowed and what is not. One of the most important things to remember is that you will be stroking the whole time, if we see you stopping and trying to take a break then you are OUT! You may still win something but unless you are in the top 3 the grand prizes will be unattainable.

Toys / Items That ARE NOT Allowed

Numbing Lube
Cooling Lube
No pumps
No fleshlights
Nothing that hides your cock from us
No condoms
Please use integrity, no performance enhancing supplements, or anything like them to attempt to give yourself an edge.

Toys / Items That ARE Allowed

Standard Lube
Warming Lube
Vibrators (Are fine but you will be required to use them the whole time while stroking if you are to use them. Hand is required on cock during the whole event.)
Anal toys (However you may not actively be boucing on them or showing your asshole off on cam. We only want to see cock stroking, so make sure your toys are comfortably in place before the event starts. If you have remote toys, I highly suggest contacting a participating mistress who might like controlling them during the event).
Panties are fine as long as they are not covering your cock from our view
If I haven’t included a toy that you like and it’s not on the no list don’t be afraid to ask. We will get back to you.

You Got Time, So Train Up!

Reach out to some of your favorite mistresses and get some training. Let us help you build up stamina and control! You may notice over the next two weeks some of us are even offering some specials for training purposes, so make sure to take advantage of these training opportunities if you’re going for the gold in Strokeathon 2021.

Remember even if you’re just going to be listening you still have a good chance to win something, and you get to hear all of our sexy voices teasing and cheering you on to cum. And we all know how much you love that! So show up and make your mistresses proud!


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