End of Summer Stroking for Delia

Summer is ending, but there are still a few days of hot sun you can spend with me out by the pool in my garden of good and evil! Imagine being invited to my place for some sun and fun! Now to Ms. Delia, fun means tempting you, teasing you, and getting you in that masturbating mood! When you get there, you notice it is just me, but you walk over to the pool deck, curious!

Imagine me looking up from my towel, smiling, welcoming you. I see you stare at my skimpily clad body. My snake bathing suit seems especially naughty to you as you stare at me, mesmerized. I wore it on purpose to tempt you, and it is working, I see!

I know I have you right where I want you! I get ready for the fun when I ask you to rub oil on me. Ohhh you immediately get rock hard in your baggy Bermuda swim trunks, don’t you? They might hide you a little bit, but I know! You think you can hide that hard cock, but I tell you to STOP!

Present yourself to me, and take down those trunks. Can you handle that? You blush! I lean up on my elbows and begin to instruct you.

(I was inspired to create these tempting instructions by my favorite DIY Masturbation Toy!)

Stroking Instructions

1. Lay out a beach towel for the effect!
2. Go and get a warm washcloth and some lube.
3. Put some lube in the warm washcloth.
4. Lay on your stomach, like you are sunning, and slowly hump the lubed cloth!
5. Edge for me, then STOP! Do this 5 times. We want the excitement to last!

Can you cum?
Mmmm, well that would be fun, wouldn’t it! But you will need to click on the audio to find out what Ms. Delia has in store for you! And remember to visit My Blog for more teasingly good masturbation instructions and more!


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