Can you resist my teasing?

When you’re as enslaved by my dangling stiletto as you are, I can get away with anything, including allowing only ruined orgasms in exchange for allowing you to worship my feet and heels.

I think that’s a perfectly fine exchange, don’t you? After all, you can’t take your eyes off of my long smooth legs accentuated by high heels. It makes you ache, watching me strut around in my short flirty dresses with the hems that flip up. You’re desperately hoping you’ll get a little glimpse of my panties so you can imagine me standing there in front of you wearing sexy lacy panties and heels.

I allow you to believe that you might get lucky, and you feel as if you’re witnessing a miracle. You getting to be alone with a woman like me–allowed to undress me, to touch me, taste me, cum inside me. You’d do anything to experience me, wouldn’t you?

I am indeed bringing you home with me, and you do get to see me in only my panties, stockings, and sexy stilettos. You fall to your knees to worship at my feet.

Standing above you, watching you kiss my leather shoes and rub your face on my ankles, I know I now own you. You remain on your knees and look up at me. I know how powerful I look with my breasts exposed, hands on my hips, and a slight smile on my lips.

I order you to expose yourself. I want to see what my beautiful body does to your cock. I slide my panties off and order you to lick them. I then tell you to stick your tongue out as far as you can, after which I slide my pussy slit right onto the tip of your tongue.

“STROKE,” I command. You obey. You start slow, but as your excitement builds you stroke faster. “STOP!” I yell. You stop stroking, but it’s too late. Cum oozes out of your cock in a beautiful ruined orgasm.

You may worship me, slave, but know that you will only be allowed to ruin in exchange. Is that a fair trade? Eagerly, you nod YES.


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