To Cum or Not to Cum

At the end of this post you will find out if you get to cum or not. More than likely I may have pity on you being a holiday. I am writing this before my date, and I may or may not have pity on him too. So this is a day of reckoning for you both. Let’s get started with dick in hand and hopeful expectations. I will tell him at the end of the night, my decision for you.

Princess Permissions… or Not

Play pump the penis with a flashlight, your hand, a condom, or any kind of toy you have that lets you pump without cumming. If you do not have a toy, a pillow will do nicely as you squeeze your cock tightly humping that pillow. Your did will leak like crazy doing this little exercise. If you can find a free metronome program, get it up and put it on the medium setting.

You may want to sign up for one. They don’t seem to have ones you can just launch anymore, but most are free. Get ready to pump your cock for me, looking at the pictures on my blog. Start with the first one and go on down. A slow steady edge for each, reaching the peak and bringing it so close it hurts!

Recite the clothes, panties, shoes I am wearing and breath to each pump saying I pump for princess…Keep working my dick as hard as possible. Get wet!! Next picture, do the same recite and pump. Go! In between pumps take a break for 60 seconds and drink plenty of water. You are my stroker, you are my stroke slave.

Continue to the very end without cumming like your life depends on it. You have reached the very last picture. You anticipate yes, you dread a no.


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