Sexual Adventures

The sexual adventures you guys get yourselves into are good enough to make a successful long-running TV drama…not to mention entertaining re-runs for years to come As a Mistress I am fortunate to hear all about the high times of sexual excitement as well as your tales of woe when you strike out miserably. So yes, I can imagine the sexual adventures you can have which is why I was so struck by your most recent story.

Stranger Masturbator

I was very surprised to learn you agreed to have a complete stranger stroke your cock and masturbate you; I thought this was just so hot. First, with short strokes to make your pre-cum start to ooze, then with full-length pumps to finish off the job. As the cadence of her full-length stroking action increased exponentially, you were then told not to cum, or punishment would be doled out and be quite severe.

The fun ended quite abruptly for you, and she left suddenly leaving you in want of much more. It was fun; I do not doubt that…but what about the fact she left you stiff with blue balls and an insatiable need to shoot your load? That’s where I come in.

Permission to Stroke Granted

I want you to pull it out, which is in itself exciting for you. No doubt you are quite hard and looking for some good stroking action. You have my permission to begin the stroking…to begin the process of you enjoying your penis with the expressed desire to cum hard. So keep stroking your cock as you read these words. The more you read, the harder you become. The harder you become, the closer you are to the magic feeling of cumming.

Cum – You Know You Want To

Now that I have you thoroughly absorbed in what you are doing. Now that your mind is maximally pliable to my suggestions…I want you to immediately stop what you’re doing as I changed my mind…you do not have permission to cum. Oops…I changed my mind. I know it’s disappointing, but it is something you must experience for now.

If there is a good reason for you to cum, I am open to hearing your reasoning…and if it is good, I will lift the sanction on you cumming. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to cum?


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