Play Miss Rachel's countdown denial game!Hello there! I’m very familiar with the power of the countdown as a tool for denying a strokeboy. I’m so convinced of its efficacy as part of training games that I recorded audio of just such a game with this tool at its center. But you may be wondering just why countdowns, and counting in general, are so much fun for Me, and so irresistibly frustrating for you!

Maybe you’ve edged for Me before, but if W/e’ve never played a countdown game in a session, this may be something with which you’ll want to experiment soon. Maybe “want” isn’t the right word. What’s a word somewhere between “want” and “dread”? *giggle*

The name is self-explanatory, isn’t it?

I like to think I could hear every one of you moaning with trepidation just reading it. Or maybe that’s just My mental spank bank leaking. I know you get a bit brainless after an edge or 50, but right now I’m sure there’s enough blood flow between your ears that you can look at the name and know exactly what you’d be in for edged to distraction, with Mistress counting down to your sweet release . . .

Or your blue-balled agony!

It’s better if you tell your Mistress that you would, eventually, like to cum. Relying on the numbers ticking down that seem to take centuries to reach zero is hard enough for you edgepets. Just don’t say “I’ll leave it up to you, Mistress,” and expect relief!

Or is it?

Countdown games aren’t as straightforward as they may seem. Or at least they don’t have to be. Just like Miss Rachel, keeper of both time, and your orgasm! 1-800-356-6169everything in the world of Femdom, that depends on the boundaries you may communicate at the outset, as mentioned above, and more importantly, on Mistress’ whim.

I suppose it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve secured Mistress’ agreement to allow you to spill at the end of a session, because between “hello” and then, countdowns can get . . . Twisted.

I mean, sometimes I become suddenly distracted during a countdown game and . . . Repeat the same number several times. Sometimes I might forget to move on to the next number for several agonizing seconds. Sometimes time somehow runs backward.

And if I get to zero and you don’t squirt on command, well, W/e just have to start over, don’t W/e?

Your frustration, My elation!

So that’s why strokeboy. That’s the answer to the question in the title. I love countdown games because even if you know that eventually you’ll be allowed to cum, hearing the numbers tick down . . . Or up . . . is so suspenseful! You know that you must time your longed-for ejaculation perfectly, or it will recede to the horizon of denial that extends seemingly endlessly in front of you. You won’t be thinking about the finite nature of the call for which you’ve arranged, especially if you haven’t put any limit on O/ur time together in the first place. The only time that will exist are the seconds intoned by the voice of your Mistress as they go up, down, forward, back, or seem to hang suspended forever.

Some of you may be My countdown pets. Feel free to share in the comments section just why you love counting in conjunction with edging so much.

If you’ve never tried a counting or countdown game before, feel free to get in touch and discover a whole new wrinkle in orgasm denial and frustration!


Miss Rachel, keeper of both time, and your orgasm!


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