I do love it when you’re left wanting.

No matter what it is. You left wanting and aching and wishing… Just delightful! I do love delayed gratification and denial games, too. The inherent power exchange in being able to say ‘no’ and then make it stick is a huge rush for me. And I bet you love hearing your Mistress purr that sexy ‘no, not yet’ right in your ear, and then her authentic laughter at your dismay. Just really works to put you in your place and remind you where you belong, doesn’t it? Intoxicating!

To be left wanting is to be reminded that you sometimes can’t have what you want.

left wanting for Harper 800 356 6169Sometimes the answer is No. Sometimes, no matter how badly you want it, or think you deserve it, you just plain ol’ can’t have it. Your partner’s not in the mood, has another plan, or just ‘feels like it’. Just because. The exercise of the right to be whimsical and deny you an orgasm, or permission to touch or stroke, for no other reason than just freaking because I say so is utterly fantastic. I don’t get many chances in the real world to just be obstinant and contrary, so being able to tell a tease and denial slut like you that you can’t have what you desire?

If you confess that you love to be denied, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

Denied. Not just delayed for later, oh no. Straight up solid Nope. No, you don’t get to cum, no you don’t get to touch, no you can’t hump my leg. No, no, no. No is a complete sentence, and letting you learn that through experience is wonderful. It teaches you patience and restraint, self control, and how to regulate your own desires and needs. Every time you’re left wanting, you open yourself up to another chance to feel owned and possessed.

Do you get to cum today?

No. No you do not.

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