The moans of a chastity slave make Mistress Rachel wet! 1-800-356-6169You should be happy to know that the answer to the ever-present question on this blog, May I Cum, is YES this time!

Aren’t you excited, chastity pet?

True, your orgasm will have to come through your prostate, but that’s still an orgasm, isn’t it?

I know you miss stroking your cock, but beggars can’t be choosers, as you well know. As the month’s tick by, you’ll be grateful to get even that!

You don’t need to ejaculate.

If you’ve ever had a chastity tease, cock tease, tease and denial, or tease and delay session with Me, you’ve probably heard of the excellent news I learned from the medical establishment some time ago: as long as your prostate is milked, there is no physical reason you need to ejaculate at all! The dribble of creamy slut juice that oozes from the end of your cage as a result of a targeted rectal reaming is more than enough to keep you in tip-top shape, medically-speaking.

Psychologically-speaking is another matter, but that’s why you have Me for support!

Don’t hurt your Mistress’ feelings by telling Her that’s not enough. I’m sensitive, and when you hurt My feelings, it tends to make Me feel vindictive. When I feel vindictive, I tend to want to add days to your cock-locked sentence.

Not everyone can have a prostate orgasm.

The moans of a chastity pet make Mistress Rachel's pussy wet! 1-800-356-6169

Click the picture to try this one! Makes you drip from your cage just looking at it, doesn’t it? *giggle*

I know that, sweetie. But if you want any relief at all, I guess you’d better try!

Those who fail at achieving prostate orgasm sometimes haven’t tried the right toy. Some need to find the right angle. Some need a certain intensity of stimulation. But for some boys, I’m afraid, all they’ll get is mild discomfort when they stimulate their slut spot. Even if it’s been six months since I locked them up and pretty much threw away the key.

But at least they’ll be taking care of their prostate, so it’s not all for naught. *giggle*

Not all for naught by a long shot, no matter what the outcome is for you. You must never forget that the bulk of this whole endeavor is for My amusement, and you’d best believe I’ll get a lot of enjoyment of seeing you frantically burn through toy after toy, trying to find the one that may give you those full-body waves of pleasure you’ve heard about.

Oh, I forgot.

A lot of times, when a boy is locked in chastity, a prostate orgasm just makes him hornier.

That may not happen to you! Don’t look so crestfallen!

But if it does, I might just have to rub My pussy while enjoying the sounds you make after you’ve thrown gasoline on the chastity fire!

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