Would you not agree with me that dangerous beasts often need taming…even if, at times, that includes locked in a cage so as to mitigate against trouble? Of course, any reasonable person would agree with my rhetorical question. And as a sign of my compassion, I will grant you one last pleasure of playing with yourself before locking your penis (“the beast”) into a cage.

The beast between your legs is pathetic and worthless but, nevertheless, represents a danger to society. You follow the beast and conform to its tyrannical rule. If the beast is hungry, you believe it must be fed. If the beast wants to feel good, you massage it until it has an orgasm. You are ruled by your beast and I, as your Mistress, am here to tame it and bestow upon it the joys of discipline and chaste.

No sexual gratification of any kind

Unless otherwise instructed, you will not touch yourself or seek sexual gratification of any kind, even if the beast is permitted to roam outside, free of its cage and its shackles. Massaging it or feeding it the smut you enjoy gazing at is equally prohibited. As I wrote above, discipline and chaste must be enforced at all costs…it is, after all, for your sake these rules are in place.

Before long, you will learn how much better your life is with the beast under control. And the words: Mistress, may I cum?” will be a musical melody you’ll sing with glee.

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