And Do You Want to be a Pillow Humper for Me

Do you think that means I will let you cum? Well, I’m not too sure. I think it’s going to depend on how well you can follow my guided masturbation instructions. I’ve got a fun little way for you to jerk off. I’m going to make you into my pillow humper. So not only is there going to be a lot

I know you want to…

of teasing, a lot of edging and certainly some denial, it’s also going to be quite humiliating! So go ahead stroke slut, get naked and grab your pillow.

Get Ready to Hump the Pillow

I know how most of you pillow humpers do it. You lie down with the pillow underneath you and your cock between your belly and the pillow. Not this time! Lie face down on your bed with a pillow under your pelvis. I want you to reach around your butt, in between your legs, and grab your cock and balls. Pull them back, firmly between your thighs, then squeeze your thigh muscles around them, trapping them. If you’re a sissy, you should be well familiar with this, since it’s how you hide your sissy clitty and marbles so your panties have a flat front to them.

Now Pillow Humper, Now

That’s it, hump the pillow. Rub all over it, and as you’re doing that, squeeze your thigh and PC muscles. Those are the ones we use to do Kegels when we work out while humping. Hump quickly, getting yourself hard for me, then slow down as you start to get near the edge. Fast to the edge, slow to calm down, fast, slow, and always squeezing. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! If you have to rest to let the edge die down and delay that orgasm, that’s okay, but even if you’re not humping, keep flexing your PC muscles.

Oh, did you want to cum? LOL Is that all you humpers ever think about? Of course it is. So, once you’ve followed my instructions and you’ve edged for at least 10 times, you may click on the “May I Cum?” button below and learn the fate of the cum in your balls for today!

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