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Isn’t it fantastic to earn orgasm? But wait, what? May I Cum “orgasm denial”  is the name of the game on this blog, Erika! I know, I get it- orgasm denial is why you are here! But realistically you are not permanently denied, right? Unless that is something on the table. Is it? Is Long-term orgasm denial for you, Read all the way through,  if so.  How about once a year?  We’ll have to chat.

Earn Orgasm

Want To Earn Orgasm

May I Cum

So the question (realistically) is, my pet- To what extent are you denied.  I imagine that depends on you. We’ll discuss your desires, fantasies, and expectations regarding orgasm denial. Do I push you hard, unrelenting, as you are seasoned and trained? Or are you exploring this avenue of submissiveness for the first time?

Either way, we end up at the same table. You will inevitably reach a point when you wonder will I grant you sweet release? When will I finally answer your question “Mistress, may I cum” with a blissful sounding YESSssssssssss!

Earn Orgasm Through Denial

Which leads me back to my first sentiment: Earning orgasm. What do you bring to the table to please me?   Entertaining, erotic, fun, funny? Perhaps you are a humiliation junkie? I can have a lot of fun with you!  Maybe sexy tasks are more our flavor? Certainly, length of chastity goes a long way to earning you that blissful O.  I know you’re clever and as we make our connection learn about each other,  you’ll come up with a uniquely clever, uniquely YOU way of gaining points to earn orgasm!

Never Earn Orgasm

Permanent denial. Humm… you know that each day the calendar moves to another square your submissive feelings will grow.  The euphoria you feel after long-term denial, demonstrating your complete surrender of your sexual life to Me creates a realm all of its own. You don’t ever want this to stop. It doesn’t have to. You can experience pleasure, just not orgasmic pleasure. You’ll learn to love milking your chastised cock. Not to mention the pleasure a submissive feels serving and seeing his Mistress happy.

Take a teasing listen to the audio, for a bit more than what’s “up there,” how to connect with me, what you can expect with our first session, and wait for the answer, to Mistress May I cum?

Mistress Erika
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