Have you ever experienced long-term orgasm denial?

I bet you’d blossom under it. I mean, long-term chastity is one of the most amazing methods for getting a good solid grip on your desires and animal instincts. Spend long enough in chastity and all those pesky needs and wants just dry up and blow away. You stop thinking about sex, about your cock, about all those perverted nasty things you wish you could do, and start to focus on what’s most important in your life. All the little details that usually get ignored in favor of yet another fap session can finally take center stage. I think orgasm denial is good for you!

Ok, I know long term chastity isn’t for everyone, but I’d still really love to play a game with you.

orgasm denial 800 356 6169Let’s call it cock chicken, or chastity chicken, something like that. I dare you to let me put this device on you, and lock it. See, the key is right here, and I’ll take it right off, I promise. Don’t believe me? Fine, you hold the key. I just want to see if this thing even fits you at all. You hold the key while I put this on, and then clip over here, and that’s where the tiny cute lock goes! Go on, jump around, see if it comes off. And as soon as you get uncomfortable, you can unlock it. I promise I won’t use this orgasm denial game on you for too long.

If you agree to wear the device for just five minutes, I’ll let you hump my leg and cum.

Promise! Cross my heart and hope to never orgasm again! You’d make a great leg humper; I just know you would. We can set a timer, and when time’s up you unlock and get to humping! Oh, did that key not work? How odd. I know I grabbed the right set, hang on. Let me see. Oh, I see, you have the wrong angle for it. You have to wriggle the key just so, see? It pops right open. I’ll lock it and let you try again. Or…

Maybe instead of letting you have the key back, I’ll just hold on to it.

Maybe instead of ever letting you have another orgasm, I just use the lure of what could be to completely control you and make you into my bitch. Maybe I’ll leave you in chastity until all your desire blows away, dust in the wind, and then let you out with only two minutes to orgasm just to see if you still can. Maybe I’ll lose the key for a while, or drop it down a hole, or down the garbage disposal. Maybe… Or, I could let you out now and have you cum for me. What do you think?

Should I leave you in orgasm denial or let you cum for me?

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