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Are you a sissy dyke?

sissy dykeWe all know what a sissy faggot is, and I am ever so fond of you gurls and your lust for both pretty things, and the cocks of real men. But I’m aware of you sissy dykes out there, too. You’re in love with Mistress, still attracted to women, and want to belong only to them.

Your little clitty and your feminine demeanor isn’t what most Real Women look for, even if they’re lesbians. Sissy dykes make good pets, but ultimately, whether lesbian or straight, most Real Women are going to want a Real Woman for true, long-term lover potential.

I know this is hard to accept. You still want to climb on top of Me, between My legs, as if you were a man, and try to insert your clitoris into My vagina. Your clitty makes a big wet spot in the front of your panties when you think about that, doesn’t it?

But don’t you see how selfish that is, sissy? Knowing that you can’t possibly please Me that way?

You’re only thinking of yourself, sissy dyke.

And that’s not an appropriate mindset for a submissive, whether they’re a beta male or a feminized fuck slut like you. So I’m going to teach you how to delay gratification. I’m going to teach you to accept your place as, at best, a frilly-clad sex toy for your Domme. You are going to perform, and amuse, as a sissy should, no matter who she’s attracted to, and you’re going to do so knowing full well that orgasms are off the table for you.

Once you go through a little sissy dyke denial training, where the best you’re going to receive is a ruined orgasm, you’ll stop begging Mistress to let you disappoint her with your pussy stick, and instead will be grateful for what ever orgasms you are allowed to have, how ever you’re allowed to have them!

For this much-needed lesson, you will need your silkiest pair of panties, and a pillow with a satin or satin-like pillowcase. When you have those in place, listen below and follow directions.


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